Most Popular Android App Development Tools

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Most Popular Android App Development Tools

Android developers can churn out all certain apps much faster and more efficiently thanks to plenty of complicated, integrated development environments (IDEs) as well as other time-saving tools and applications. Some Android development solutions tend to show up over and over again on Android developers’ “favorites” lists.

Android app development company in Sydney is an ever-growing industry with new stuff joining every day. With the continuous modernization in technology, we can personally build our Android mobile application effectively using various Android Development tools.

Here are the top 10 popular tools currently being used for Android application development.

1.Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android and includes everything you want to build an Android app. Exclusively designed for Android, it stimulates your development process and benefits you create quality applications for each device.  It has countless characteristics such as visual layout, APK analyzer, intelligent code editor, fast simulator, flexible build system, and a real-time analyzer.

2.ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

Android Studio combines the Android Debug Bridge, which is a command-line tool or “bridge” of connection between Android devices and other computers that can be used during development and the overall debugging and QA process.

By connecting an Android device to the development PC and entering a series of terminal commands, a developer can make changes as needed to both devices.

3.AVD Manager

Another useful innovation of Android Studio is the AVD Manager, the short form for Android Virtual Device. The AVD Manager is an emulator who managed to run Android apps on a computer. This provides developers the ability to work with all types of Android devices to test responsiveness and performance on various versions, screen sizes, and resolutions.


As we discussed above, there was Eclipse before there was Android Studio. For a long time, Eclipse was the authorized preferred IDE for all Android mobile application development company in Sydney.

Even though Google no longer allows help for Eclipse, many developers still use it to create Android and other cross-platform apps, as it works very well with many different programming languages.


FlowUp permits you to monitor the performance of all your production apps. Helpful dashboards let you hold track of your stats and metrics, including CPU and disk method, memory usage, frames per second, bandwidth, and more.

FlowUp is a monthly subscription-based SaaS solution with pricing defined by the total number of users in the company.

6.Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a cross-platform game application development tool environment that worked for developing complicated, graphics-intensive mobile games such as those including virtual or augmented reality.

You can still use Unity 3D to build simpler 2D-based gaming experiences, but it is more typically accepted for advanced gaming development.

7.Visual Studio with Xamarin

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s standard integrated development environment and is an easy tool for developers to use. It maintains various programming languages and when connected with Xamarin, it can be utilized to create native Windows, Android, and iOS applications.

Backed by Microsoft’s legendary support, Visual Studio is the go-to option for developers looking to build cross-platform applications and games.

8.Unreal Engine

Another excellent gaming development platform, Unreal Engine is a free, open-source, cross-platform solution for building high-level interactive games apps.

Unreal Engine is famous among game designers because it highlights the Blueprint system that defines the requirement for a lot of coding. 


Another Android emulator, Genymotion helps developers test and preview an application on over 3,000 device scenarios. Genymotion is famous for gaming developers because it comes with pre-installed standard Android images and graphics that are pretty useful in the testing process. It also gives greater speed than testing an app on an actual Android device.

Genymotion is a cross-platform development tool and helps many different programming languages and environments.


Instabug is managed by some of the most recognizable names in the tech world, including Yahoo, PayPal, Lyft, BuzzFeed, and Mashable for beta testing and bug reporting. Instabug supports beta testers and user groups to share screenshots and full error logs with developers during the QA and debugging process.

Wrapping Up-

Each Android developer requires the best tools to enhance their skills and performance. We hope that the 10 Android development tools we’ve shared will help you develop as a professional developer.

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