The 10 most common signs that you may be pregnant

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The 10 most common signs that you may be pregnant

Usually, we can notice the first signs of pregnancy at the earliest at the time of skipping menstruation, or a week or two later. If you do not have an accurate overview of your cycle, or it is irregular, you do not need to know exactly when to expect your period.


If you start to experience any of the following symptoms - not every woman has them all - and you do not have a period of time, you may be pregnant. Maybe it's time to try a home pregnancy test .

10. Sensitive, poured breasts

One of the early signs of pregnancy are sensitive, swollen breasts due to rising hormone levels . It is an accentuated feeling of tension in the breasts, similar to menstruation.

Your discomfort can lead to the need to wear a bra almost continuously. The good news is that after the first trimester, this feeling usually disappears as the body gets used to the increased levels of hormones.

9. Fatigue

It is not fully known what causes sudden fatigue in early pregnancy, probably due to soaring progesterone levels. In the corner of my soul, I believe that the role of this sleeping sickness is to protect both mom and baby. Mom saves strength and the baby nests.

Your energy will probably return to you in the second trimester, and fatigue will probably return in the third, when you will struggle with weight gain and restless night's sleep .

8. Gentle bleeding during egg laying

Some women have mild vaginal bleeding about 11 to 12 days after fertilization. The cause is probably the nesting of a fertilized egg in the congested wall of your uterus. This process begins about 6 days after fertilization.

The bleeding is only very weak (small red spots or pinkish-brown discharge) and lasts a day or two. Warning! Tell your doctor if you are bleeding or getting dirty, especially if it is accompanied by pain, it may be an ectopic pregnancy.

7. Nausea or vomiting

If you are like most women, morning sickness will not go away until a month after fertilization (the happiest people will avoid it completely). However, some women start to feel weird sooner, and for some we can't even talk about morning sickness, because we might as well talk about lunch and dinner sickness, or day and night sickness.

About half of the women feel back in their skin at the beginning of the second trimester, for others the relief usually starts the next month.


6. Increased sensitivity to odors

I know many women who have been "suspected" when their necessary morning coffee suddenly lifted their stomachs. Surely you will know many stories about popular and unpopular smells, problems with colleagues in the tropical summer, favorite foods that you suddenly could not even feel.

This is probably due to rising estrogen levels. If so, I would also call it a safety hormone, because it often triggers an alarm in situations we should avoid, even though we may not yet know why (coffee, smoked and unventilated areas, older food).


5. Inflated abdomen

Hormonal changes in early pregnancy can make you feel bloated, perhaps similar to what you experience before menstruation. This is why some of your clothes may be narrower at the waist, even if your uterus is still relatively small.


4. Frequent urination

Very soon after you get pregnant, you suddenly find that the bathroom is becoming a key room for you. Why? One of the reasons is that during pregnancy the level of body fluids (eg blood) increases, which increases the production of urine in the kidneys and subsequently its excretion through the bladder.

This syndrome can begin after about six weeks of the first trimester and is likely to worsen as a growing baby presses on the bladder.

3. Your basal temperature remains elevated

If you measure your basal temperature and find that it has remained elevated at one level for 18 days, you are probably pregnant.

2. You missed your period

If you have a regular cycle and your period does not arrive on time, you will probably take a pregnancy test long before you notice any of the previous symptoms.

However, if you do not have a regular cycle, or do not follow it so closely, it is likely that nausea, chest tightness and frequent trips to the toilet will alert you to pregnancy.

1) Verification: positive pregnancy test

Despite what you read on the packaging, many pregnancy tests are not sensitive enough to detect most pregnancies earlier than a week after missing menstruation. So if you decide to try it sooner and get a negative result, you can try again in a few days. If you have a positive result in your hand, make an appointment with your gynecologist.


and welcome to our "pregnancy" zone . The first formality to remove from the list of "compulsory rides" during pregnancy will be to procure a pregnancy book.

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