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is a psychedelic trance music project. Started by songwriter, musician, producer and dj QPA. Info, Booking and presentation of current production with selected songs free to download. Includes large WAV collection of free samples and loops suited for electronic music recording and production. Other features are a music search engine, music links exchange, loads of psychedelic trance resources incl. the sub genres Dark- Progressive- and Psy-trance. Enjoy!

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Press Release - Cosmic Embryo Electronica album by Qubenzis

By: qubenzispsyaudio
Posted in: Music Press Release

&lt;p&gt;QUBENZIS - Cosmic Embryo Electronica, 12 tracks 78min, CD album&lt;/p&gt;<br />&lt;p&gt;Engineering&lt;br&gt;<br />Song writing&lt;br&gt;<br />Performed by - Ricky Maard&lt;br&gt;<br />Recorded in: - Spain, Andalucia.&lt;br&gt;<br />Published by: - Qubetech.net (indie)&lt;p&gt;<br /><br /><br />&lt;p&gt;Cosmic Embryo Electronica, a solid field of harmonised vibration (electro/techno music), which effectively stages an audio zone, platform, environment contesting for larger Sound systems. Linear 4x4 rhythms, low spectrum frequencies sometimes carried by very analogue thick homogenious sounds&lt;/p&gt;<br /><br />&lt;p&gt;This is handcraft. Almost everything you hear is original sounds created from scratch with an analogue synth called Clavia Nord Modular. The few remaining sounds origin from Roland JV1080 or mac-speech (voices). Processed with Cubase&#39;s virtual effects and recording studio.&lt;/p&gt;<br /><br />&lt;p&gt;On this album most songs are based on a straight kick with the syncopated back beats lingering behind or &#39;inside&#39; the sound.&lt;/p&gt;<br /><br />&lt;p&gt;This is the third album by Qubenzis but the first with this particular style. With the Cosmic Embryo Electronica album you will sense a longing for a darker world as intercepted and translated into music by R.Maard&lt;/p&gt;<br />

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