Spiral Connection! Visual Psychedelic Trance Anamorphic Video Journey! QPA Psytrance

Spiral Connection! Visual Psychedelic Trance Anamorphic Video Journey! QPA Psytrance
Duration: 00:06:33
Video Credits and info:

This music video is a creation based on a psychedelic trance track called “Spiral Connection“. Composed, recorded and produced by Qubenzis Psy Audio (aka QPA or Ricky Maard). Also view the Spiral Connection video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpyo9mEjdqI

Some of the images used to illustrate the music where found on the Internet. If you like an image please visit the artists web page or the website where it was found for more information. You can find the complete credit list here: http://www.qubenzis.com/spiral-connection-music-video
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02/09/19 02:08:31PM @jeremiah3621:
The Visual is matching with the lyrics of the song which you share on https://digthesegigs.com/concert-tickets-online/. This is something which is unique in the video.
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