QPA - Vimana [Psychedelic Trance Illustrated Music Video]

QPA - Vimana [Psychedelic Trance Illustrated Music Video]
Duration: 00:09:02
Track name: Vimana

From Album: Psychedelic Freedom

Label: http://Qubetech.net

Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio

Time: 9 min 01 seconds

Bpm: 142bpm




Inspiration for this track is the old Vedic Vimana scriptures, the remnants of ancient stories (found worldwide) hinting towards a much greater knowledge about our true ancient history of advanced technology and possible space travel.

At least that is what inspired the theme of this psy track. Starting soft, then escalates into the melodic Full On part... Enjoy! d("_")b




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08/26/19 08:33:46AM @swallow:
Great video. I really liked this music. Tell me, does this track have a separate MP3 podcast? I would like to find it in my online player -https://coldmp3.com/ I do yoga and meditation every night before bedtime and such music is very suitable for me. I want to create my own playlist with psychedelic and trance music.
12/13/18 01:34:49PM @download9177:
nice vidmate one
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