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is a psychedelic trance music project. Started by songwriter, musician, producer and dj QPA. Info, Booking and presentation of current production with selected songs free to download. Includes large WAV collection of free samples and loops suited for electronic music recording and production. Other features are a music search engine, music links exchange, loads of psychedelic trance resources incl. the sub genres Dark- Progressive- and Psy-trance. Enjoy!

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[Q.P.A.] The Alien Program - Melodic, Psychedelic Trance Music and Psy Alien animations!

Category: Music
Duration: 00:07:17
Created by: Qubenzis Psy Audio (http://qubenzis.com)
Track name: The Alien Program
Video editor: Kdenlive (Linux)
Visualizations: Clementine media player (Linux)
Reverbnation (Share / bookmark): https://www.reverbnation.com/qubenzispsyaudio/song/21494961-the-alien-program

.:: Story ::.
The alien ET brainwash program continues, as the alien program(ming) since long commenced a life of its very own in the minds of the forever sensation craving mankind. The myths enforced by unwitting semi-academic believers and the Hollywood (space war) propaganda machine (that push the weak-minded to embrace the seriously twisted concept "it's cool to be bad").

The over hyped alien ET UFO scenario is the perfect smoke screen for sinister entities within the self-proclaimed global power elite... the true parasite freeloaders who live from sucking the blood out of the planet and its (human farm) inhabitants. Those who thus freely pursue their illicit high-jacking of the since long time by man invented advanced "free energy" devices and propulsion technologies. Tech that, eventually, will set humanity free from the now ongoing seemingly endless energy slavery (= energy resource wars will be obsolete)

Above scenario of course does not exclude the possibility for that real (off planet) alien visitation is taking place (currently & historically). Only way less frequent than some want us to believe.

The Mirage Men - the sensational UFO PsyOp documentary

Is your favorite UFO investigator in the Hall of Fame or Shame?

Free energy that makes solar cell
panels look seriously out of date...

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