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AOL Desktop Gold Common Problem and Solution

By rachelweisz073, 2019-08-29

There are various reasons because of which the users would come across an error on a software. These issues are often displayed in the form of codes or word combination. There are several programs which are highly efficient in their functioning but still encounter certain malfunctioning. Most of the issues that the users face are because the software has not been downloaded from a trusted and dependable source. AOL Desktop Gold is one such efficient software which also experiences certain glitches and malfunctioning. This Download AOL Gold for Windows 10 is highly popular all over the world for the kind of features that they provide to the users. The issues which the users face while using AOL Desktop Gold can easily be resolved using some simple troubleshooting steps. The most important aspect which the users must keep in mind is that the system caters to the basic requirements of this software. When the system fulfils all the basic requirements of the software, it will reduce the possibility of coming across a malfunction. When the users face a glitch, it would completely disrupt the functioning of the software. Hence the users must solve the issue at the earliest to be able to continue using the software. The users can also connect with the customer care team and avail their professional assistance regarding the issue which they have come across.

Some of the most common errors which the user would have to face while using this software is stated below for your reference.

  •  AOL Desktop Gold Update not working
  •  AOL Desktop Gold desktop icon went missing
  •  AOL Email malfunctions
  • The problem of not being able to print from AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL downloading error or AOL error code 104

How to troubleshoot these issues

If you wish to troubleshoot these issues, then there are certain steps which you can follow. The users must ensure that they accurately undertake each and every step in solving the malfunction. The process that needs to be followed are:

  • When the users look to solve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the desktop, they can simply go to the system tray which located at the top-right corner of the desktop. Then they can click on the arrow and further select the option of hidden icons. Now search for the AOL Desktop Gold icon and drag it to the desktop.
  • If you wish to solve the AOL email issues, then you would have to make sure that the server and port settings are filled accurately. Then check the internet connectivity to see whether the internet is stable. Also clear all the cookies, caches and history. Further, disable the firewall settings and then update the browser.
  •  If the issue you are facing is with your password, then you would have to access the AOL page and then click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Then users have to follow all the on-screen information provided to you. Once you have cleared the verification, you can then easily set a new password.
  • To solve the update not working issue with AOL Desktop Gold, the users can easily navigate to the settings of the computer, then Windows Update and finally press ‘Install Important Updates’ option.

While downloading the software, it is important that the users only prefer using the authentic AOL Gold Software Download. This way, the users can ensure that the malfunctions stay at bay.

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Download AOL Gold

AOL Desktop Gold has confronted numerous blunders, and for each mistake, there lies an exact answer. This application works significantly in many areas being an internet searcher as well as a platform to read the news, listen to music and watch videos; often the software can fail to react in between or freezes all of a sudden. During the freezing procedure, no activity is possible, and these things can be viewed as a cloud that overshadows the utility of the product. There are several methods that you can try to resolve this issue, and this blog will assist you with the same. A few of the essential areas that you can work upon to avoid this error is to restart the device in every week to clear the RAM, make sure that you delete all the junk and trash from the system and also update the framework from time to time. Have a look at some of the means of resolving this issue. The steps are quite simple and can be implemented even without the need for special assistance.

How to resolve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold not responding?


Step 1- First of all, go to ‘Windows’ start icon and then click on it to select ‘Control Panel.’ Now search for the option of ‘Network and the Internet.’ The last one can vary depending on the framework of the operating system

Step 2- Then, click on the option of ‘View Network and status’ and after that select ‘Troubleshoot problem.’

Step 3- Make sure that you do not lose internet connectivity during the entire process

Step 4- After choosing the option of ‘Troubleshoot problem,’ click on ‘Network Adapter’ from the given list available

Step 5- Then follow the on-screen instructions and execute the actions accordingly. Make the necessary alterations and save them

Step 6- Restart the system and then try to open AOL Gold software

Now if the procedure as mentioned earlier still brings you the same mistake and you are incapable to resolve the question, then you can AOL Desktop Gold Download Free from the framework and then reinstall it. Uninstalling the software will rectify the error. But do keep a few predicaments in mind. Install the software after checking the system’s compatibility. If the software requires the update, then perform them at a prior basis. And if you need technical support at any time, then feel free to dial the toll-free number.

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Reinstall AOL Gold

Although users are very happy with AOL desktop, but they might experience some technical flaws such as not being able to install AOL desktop for MAC OS X. Earlier the company just developed the software for windows users, but now AOL can be downloaded in Mac as well, and the best part is that there is no such feature that you can perform on Windows and not Mac. The problem of not being able to install AOL desktop gold for Mac OS X can be resolved if you follow the instructions given below. The users will be able to download the AOL desktop for mac from the official website of AOL. The procedure given below can help the users in the installation process. If the user had saved the password in AOL desktop, he/she has to make sure that they remember the password. You can also get in touch with AOL customer care number to get professional assistance by the experts.

Steps that you need to follow to get rid of this problem

  • Step 1: In the first step, users need to go to the official website of AOL and then to AOL desktop gold
  • Step 2: You see an all in one software section where you have to click on download now
  • Step 3: You will get a window named “Install AOL Desktop for Mac,” you need to click on continue. Now you will again have to click on continue.
  • Step 4: In this step, you will see a section named AOL desktop for Mac, you will have to click on continue
  • Step 5: When you move forward, you will see Software license agreement window, you need to click on continue again
  • Step 6: You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the software license agreement proceed by clicking on ‘Agree.’
  • Step 7: In this step, you will be required to click on Install
  • Step 8: You will be asked to type the password in this page and then click ‘ok.’ The installation process begins here
  • Step 9: The users are required to click on ‘Close’ after the software has successfully installed in your computer
  • Step 10: In this step, you will be required to go the menu and click Go and then click on Applications
  • Step 11: You need to double click AOL Desktop v10.1 which is placed under name. Once you see software has launched, you need to type your user name and password.

If you follow the steps mentioned above carefully, you will be able to conquer this problem. If it doesn't help you, you can try to uninstall AOL gold and install it all over again an check whether it is working or not. You can also contact Uninstall AOL Gold to solve this issue with expert’s guidance.

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Windows 10 is one of the latest operating systems that Microsoft has released. This operating system provides users with the latest and advanced technology. The features that this operating system provides has been a big advantage to the people who have been using this operating system but at the same time, the users also encounter some issues with it. Being highly advanced in technology does not make the software immune to malfunctions. AOL Desktop Gold Download is also one such highly effective software. There have been several issues that have been registered by users that they have been encountering malfunctions with AOL Desktop Gold after they have downloaded Windows 10.Users can take up two ways by which they can solve this issue. One method is by accurately following the information that has been given on this blog and the other is by connecting with the customer care team, where they would provide you with the effective process of solving the issue. Taking up any of the give two methods would successfully help you in solving the issue that you have come across.The process that needs to be undertaken in order to solve this issueThere are a few things that one should keep in mind when they are using the AOL Desktop Gold software or while facing any issues with this software.Method 1: Make sure that you are using the latest version of the software, if not upgrade to the latest version of the software and get better services. You can also navigate to the official website of AOL and then compare the installed version with the latest version. If you find that it does not match then promptly download the latest version from the benefits section of your AOL account.Method 2: Ensure that your internet connection is functioning properly and that you are having strong internet connectivity. Internet connection is essential to utilize all the services which are offered by AOL. AOL Gold can be used as a web browser, email, and other services. Every feature needs a good internet connection and hence a good internet connection is highly important when you use the AOL Desktop Gold software.Method 3: Scan your system for any kind of suspicious file. Run a complete scan on your system, which would detect and remove any virus, malware or threat that is present on your system. Presence of any malicious file can also corrupt or damage AOL Desktop Gold folders on your system. If this is the case, then you would have to use good antivirus software to remove all those files. Also, make sure that you have some space free on your hard drive, clear some space by removing the unwanted files.Method 4: Check and update the drivers that are installed on your computer system to make sure that you have an error-free experience of using the software. Method 5: Reinstalling the software would also ensure that you get over the compatibility issue. You would have to uninstall the previous version and then install the latest version from the benefits section on your AOL account.Method 6: You are also provided with the option of returning back to the previous version of your operating system.By following the steps that have been given to you above, you would efficiently be able to handle the problem that you have been facing. If you see that even after following the given steps you could not find relief to the problem, then it would be ideal for you to redo the process of AOL Gold Software. This would give you an opportunity to rectify the issue that had come up. You can also connect with the customer care to get detailed guidance on accurately downloading the program.Source URL:-
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