How to create an e-learning course yourself

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Before you start creating an online course, you need to understand what you want to teach? What will your course be about? Review your knowledge or experience
After you have decided on the topic of your course, start selecting a platform for placing the future course on the Web.
Start creating a training schedule. In form and structure, it differs little from the usual class schedule, which we are used to at school or university. Your topic can be divided into sections (modules) or all lectures can go one after another.
After the curriculum is drawn up, and you understand how many lectures will be in your course, you need to paint in what format you will prepare them.
Each course should have its own design. All slides, screensavers, music or animation should be the same from lecture to lecture and correctly selected.

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In order to create a truly effective product, you need to adhere to some rules. Try to always use the same design elements throughout the course. This will give a sense of order and whole. Do not forget that the music should also fit perfectly into the theme. Pay attention to the presentation of your product, by the way the musical accompaniment you can find on background music for presentation I really hope that these tips will help you create effective e-learning courses.
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I heard that if you can find a powerful tool, you can definitely create an effective course
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