Roku Error Codes and Steps to Resolve It

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Roku Error Codes and Steps to Resolve It

 Do not get panic if you come across Roku error codes as you have a lot of troubleshooting tips to resolve it. These codes are of different types and you just need to identify the type of error first. Here are the common error codes that occur and the steps to troubleshoot it

Start executing the troubleshooting right away to set up your device and stream it without any interruptions.

Most common Error Codes

This error occurs due to the faulty or poor internet connection. If you prefer the wired network connection check the router that you use and make sure that you have connected it promptly in the required port. Always use quality cables to get better output.

Users who prefer the wireless connection can check the wireless network credentials (username and password). Network passwords are always case-sensitive hence it is really important to type it promptly in the required space

Below are the common error codes that occur while you stream, activate or setup your Roku streaming device

  • Error code 003
  • Code 004
  • Error code 009
  • Code 018
  • Roku error code 014
  • Error code 001

Error Code 003

As the error popup, it indicates the software error and you just need to check the software version that you use for your device. If the software is old you can update it with the latest version.

Error code 018 is the same as that of the error 014, 018 error denotes the slow internet connectivity. Restart the device and the router that you use and then check if the errors still persist

The error indicates the network issues. Recheck the connection once and make sure that all the connections are proper and secure

Error Code 018

 This error may occur due to the faulty HDMI cable connection. Purchase a quality HDMI cable and insert it properly to the respective port. Premium HDMI cables can offer you a better output.

Error code 001 it is the device activation error and you can check the activation steps once and make sure that it is valid

Apart from these, there are other errors too. Resolve it right away and begin your streaming process.

Troubleshoot the error right away and you can get help from our support team. Just speak or contact them ringing the support number.


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Here Are Some Roku Error And Simple Steps To Resolve It

Roku Error Code D011
Roku Error Code 001
Roku Error Code 018

Roku Error Code D011-
Roku D011 is connecting issue error, where you are unable to connect your Roku device. Follow the below steps to fix the error:

Press home screen, Go to “Settings”.
Select “Advanced system setting” from the menu.
Click on “Factory reset option”, A command will ask for your approval click “Yes”.
Then, select the option showing “Factory reset everything”.
Click Ok and follow rest of the steps.

Roku Error Code 001-
What is Roku Error 001?
As already talked about in this piece, this problem is commonly referred to as an activation error.

It occurs sometimes during the process of connecting a streaming player to a Roku account when the activation code is denied by the Roku server. This is because either the code being entered is incorrect or there is a wider problem on the server end.

Either way, we will explore this issue in detail and suggest easy solutions to help you get rid of Roku activation error code 001.

Tips for Fixing Error Code 001 for Roku
1. Incorrect Activation Code
First and foremost, be very careful when noting down the Roku link code. After that, make sure that the correct is being entered. Once you enter the code, double check every word and digit before submitting.

Check to see if the Caps Lock key is on or not. Ideally, the code should be entered within a specific timeline. Otherwise, it may lead to expiration.

Furthermore, use the menu on your Roku streaming player to create another link code. This can help get rid of the error code 001.

2. Problems On the Server End
Check your internet setup thoroughly and confirm that your device is not experiencing a purple screen Roku error.

3. Faulty Internet
The Roku error code 001 can be taken care of by properly checking the network setup. In case you have a wired connection, take a look at the LAN or Ethernet link.

In case of a remote association, check the settings of the router. Other than that, also take a look at the settings of equivalent streaming gadgets and then open the menu to see if there might be something wrong.

Check your internet connection in the end. Keeping in mind the possibility that issue might not be at your end, get in touch with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

In addition, in case there is low internal memory on the device, install the Roku 3 Micro SD to take care of it.

The Roku error code 001 has a tendency to pop up on kind of device. All you have to do is identify the root cause. Take care of that and you are good to go.

If you were still not able to resolve the issue, you can directly call us at +1-855-869-7373 or visit our website to get more information.

Roku Error Code 018
When the Roku device found slow Internet speed, then it displays an error message which is known as “Roku error code 018”, one of the most common errors faced by the people while streaming their favorite TV show.

Error code 018 occurs due to a poor Internet/network connection and you have to remove the error to enjoy your show. There are a number of troubleshooting tips available to fix error code 018

Steps to Resolve Roku Error Code 018
First of all, check that Internet connection is working and your router receives signals from your ISP (Internet Services Provider).
Run a quick test to make sure your Internet working properly. Try to open some website like Google, YouTube, etc on another device. If you are able to open these websites that means your router is working fine.
Now, check the name of the network your Roku device is connected. Make sure it connected with your home network and receive signals.
Check the strength of your wi-fi signals. You can check the signal strength of your wi-fi router on your Roku device.
Follow the steps below to check signal strength:
Press Home button on Roku remote.
Go to Setting, Click on Network.
Select About from the List.
Here you can find your Signal Strength

Some other Tips to fix Roku error 018
Verify twice that you are using right credential for logging your home wireless network.
Perform a quick system restart and check if slow network error fixed or not.
Try to reconnect the Roku device to your wireless network.
Try to connect your device to the Ethernet cable to resolve 018 error.
Reboot your router and try to reconnect the device.
Hope the above guide will help you to fix slow speed Internet connectivity on Roku and you’ll enjoy your hassle-free movie streaming.

If you still face any problem to fix Roku error code 018, then you can reach us at +1-855-869-7373 our experts are available 24*7 to help you out. Visit Roku Error Help for more help or guidelines.

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