My music is an audio soundscape with a world fusion feel  My writing is mythical, fable-ish, transformational, sometimes classical and sometimes humorous.  My main influences are the ethnic folk instruments of world cultures.  For example, the use of a Central Asian Khormus mouth harp or a West African Ngoni in a song, may be blended with classical elements. I also make instruments that I play and perform with,  building an instrument one week and using it in a recording the next.  Collected and created sound effects are  added details in some of my works.  My strength in drum design and modern electronics rounds out my music.

My objectives are to have my songs used for radio airplay and by film makers, in documentaries, progressive commercials and for creative modern dance.

Recent projects:

Natural Magic CD, 2010

Serpent in the Spring CD, 2009

 Mystic Journeys CD,  2008





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Natural Magic