Who makes money on HYIPs?

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There are winners and losers in any HYIP project. Let's see who makes money on investment programs.

Project administration

The administration (they are also the creators, or administrators for short) are at the head of the profit. Depending on the desire and goal, they can earn from $ 500 and up to ... the limit is hard to imagine. If the admin went to zero or minus after the project was closed, then he is probably a beginner, but situations are different. Their earnings on HYIPs entirely depend on the advertising campaign and the desire of ordinary investors to invest their hard-earned money.

The staff of the creators usually consists of a couple of people, and the preparation of a project can take several months. It all comes down to working marketing, effective promotion and technical training.

It is important not to forget that the administration has little interest in the profit of ordinary investors. Therefore, there is a struggle in projects between admins and contributors. Most investors understand where they are investing money, they still do not give up this type of earnings.

Participants of affiliate programs (referrals)

This category includes people who earn on the referral program. As a rule, they have a lot of social subscribers. networks or on the youtube channel. The administration generously rewards people who bring others to their projects, and partnership deductions can reach 10% of the partner's contribution. Such people can earn without their own investments, it is enough to promote the project among their subscribers, and then only withdraw profit.

Although affiliate program members do not always risk their savings, they risk their reputation. With a negative reputation, there will be fewer referrals for referrals, and, accordingly, earnings will fall. There are also people who deliberately can lead others to "slaughter" for a certain amount of money. You should always be careful.


Not all investors manage to make money. Basically, only the fastest and smartest make money. Those who blindly invest in every project are doomed to fail. Adhering to certain rules, even ordinary investors can earn quite decent money, but there are always risks, and absolutely no one is immune from them.

It is believed that for an ordinary investor, 20% of net profit per month is already considered a very good result. For example, out of $ 4000, 20%, there will already be $ 800 profit per month. Pretty well. But all this is utopia, first of all it is important not to lose your own, and then everything depends on a bit of luck and skill.

Earnings on HYIP projects: investment rules

Adhering to the rules is not a guarantee of success, but at least it will help to save yourself from big losses.

  • Diversification

The most important rule is diversification. Its essence lies in the competent distribution of your bank (a bank is a set of all finances allocated for work in HYIPs). It doesn't matter how you trust the project, it is important to distribute your bank to different projects. Usually this is 5-10% of the total capital.

By diversifying your portfolio, there will be more chances to gain profit by the end of the month. And the number of simultaneously working projects can reach 10 or more. At the end of the month, it is advisable to revise your portfolio and keep at least part of the profit for yourself (we are not investing just like that).

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  • Don't be fooled by promises

Whoever says what, only you are responsible for your savings. It is not uncommon for admins to enter chats and promise mountains of gold, and the next day they are already resting on the islands. HYIPs should always be treated with a cool head.

  • Safety is our everything

Special attention should be paid to the security of both wallets and mail. In each new project, change passwords, the more difficult the better.

  • Don't Believe Unconfirmed Rumors

This nuance makes it difficult to invest sensibly. You can only note for yourself the information received, but not take it to heart.

  • Do not flirt

Even if the project gave 10 in a circle, think, maybe it's time to stop?

  • Always withdraw profit

Making money on HYIPs is always fraught with risks, but by withdrawing profits, you reduce losses. And under favorable conditions, you will not only lose, but also earn, you deserve it.

  • Pay attention to project execution

You would prefer fresh fruits over rotten ones? So here too, you should not invest in a project made on the knee. Such projects speak about the frivolous intentions of the admin.

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