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Pandora on Roku

  • Get to stream the best songs on this very own Roku streaming device by subscribing the channel with the assistance of the specified instructions.
  • Execute the after finishing the below instructions and hear the finest tracks in no time.


Pandora features you can make use of

Read below to know about the features that you can look out in the Pandora channel Roku

  • Navigation controls will help you to get hold of the Pandora accounts and tracks you saved in the channel
  • Go to Settings to modify and alter any changes that you would like to do in the Home screen button

Pandora subscription services

Even though the Pandora channel is available for free, you can opt for the premium plans provided by the Pandora channel without any hindrances. Each and every plan has a specific feature and many add-ons that you can utilize.

Pandora Free subscription

  • Generate custom playlist
  • Share your feedback
  • Give your favorite songs, thumbs up

Pandora Plus

  • Don't want commercials in between while playing your favorite track? then you have to choose this subscription package for five dollars per month and 54.89 dollars per year.
  • Moreover, repeat mode is the best feature of the Pandora Plus subscription


  • Premium ┬ámembers can avail all the features of Pandora Free and Pandora Plus
  • You can acquire the subscription for $9.99/month or 109.89 dollars per year

Premium Family

  • Offline songs
  • On-demand
  • Nearly six users can simultaneously make use of the account credentials

Activate the Pandora channel on Roku streaming player

  • All you have to do is, find the channel under the Roku channel store's Music category
  • Tap on the Add Channel option and tag along with the onscreen directives

When prompted to enter the Pandora account details, just furnish it.

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