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Cleveland won the game with offense, not their lousy defense The NBALive wiki Cavaliers struggled heavily in stretches during the second half of the season, and their problems were directly related to bad defense. Last season, Cleveland’s defense was No. 10 in the league, and it obviously was good enough for them to win the NBA finals even after falling down 3-1. We know their defense with this personnel has been good in the past, but whether it can get back to championship level, we aren’t sure. On Saturday, it certainly wasn’t.

Lance Stephenson only plays well for the PacersCleveland nearly pulled away in the second half, taking an eight point lead into the fourth quarter, but Stephenson wouldn’t let it happen. He ended up with 16 points on 8-of-13 shooting, including some classic Lance shots. Since joining the team late in the season, it feels like Stephenson has returned so quickly to being a decent basketball player, something he wasn’t able to accomplish anywhere outside of Indiana. Who knows what it is, but it happens.

Paul George vs. LeBron James is very goodI have nothing more to add, except that I am very eager to watch three more games like this — even if Cleveland wins them all, which seems likely.

LeBron James’ annual things-just-got-real Buy NBA Live Coins blackout is upon us. He took to Twitter and Instagram last night to announce he’s entered "Zero Dark Thirty-23” mode, in which he abstains from social media for the duration of the NBA Playoffs.

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