RuneScape Shattered Worlds Soon about Anima and Monsters

user image 2017-05-05
By: runescape88
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As the RuneScape new minigame - Shattered Worlds runescape gold released, many players dived straight into the action. And Jagex has received much feedback and is going to makes some corresponding changes. In addition you can play Shattered Worlds RuneScape with cheap RS Gold from 4rsgold. What are the top issues that the players mentioned? There are two top issues that many players have ever mentioned. One is about Anima gain. When you do the first run, you will get plenty of Anima for the first-time bonuses, but there is no big change with another similar run. The other is you appear to “splash” very often and barely hit after going to higher worlds.

What are the solutions to the top issues? In order to Squiffberry fix these issues, in a few hours Jagex is going to decrease the defense level of all monsters when you brave RuneScape Shattered Worlds. Apart from that, they will also treat all monsters as if they are not strong to your combat style. Why not change the Anima gain in RuneScape shattered Worlds? The reason is that Jagex believe players will be able to conquer more worlds and get more Anima coming from one-time bonuses, when they change the defense, armour and affinity. Are there any more changes coming? Yes, if needed Jagex will change Shattered Worlds more.

What do the players think of these changes? Some players think the changes mentioned above will not solve the issues about the repeated runs. And some thought the content was only for the high levels and made no difference for average players. Besides, some thought they would rather do more challenges like bosses at the end of the world for more Anima. All in all they seem pessimistic about the changes. Anyhow, you will adapt yourself to the changes when you progress through Shattered Worlds RuneScape. And with cheap RS Gold from 4rsgold, we believe you can go through more worlds.

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