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Born Musician.  Classically trained at Piano and Guitar.  Studied music at the Chicago Performing Arts College. Finally have developed a strong vocal and a natural tendency to play in the pocket.  Have played all styles including rock, funk, punk, blues, disco, soul, groove, alternative, metal, jazz, r&b, latin, country and western. 

Okay, F--k all that.  I'm the New Bad A-- Bassman for Ryte Az Rain.  I've played since I was 5 years old so I think I know my s--t, although I consider myself a musician who is open to intelligent constructive criticism.  I chose to play a 5 string Laguna Ocean Bass in The Rain because these guys really merit the Big Punch.  I am originally a solid lead and very rhythmically capable guitar player.  I thought it would be easy to cover the highly supportive role of Bass Player in this band but the journey has proven to be a musical challenge of memory, technique and Tone.  Oh Yeah, I'm still trying to tweak the Phattest sound out of my recently purchased Bass Kit.  Well, as long as the Rain approves of this Balls Out Bass experiment, I will continue to serve and protect the integrity of all who believe in the Force of Music.  No ego trips here, but definitely some solid players with a Whole Lotta Attitude.  Bring Lawyers, guns and money, we'll see you at the next Party.  Power to the People.

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