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Biography In a time when synthetic melodies, uncreative lyrics, and mediocre vocals tend to rule the airwaves, the industry is starving for creativity that falls within their formula. The public is hungry for freshness, and seem to be disgruntled about the limits of the current Top 40 rotation. The public has spoken and we have the statistics to PROVE that they want SANTALINA! Most artists' press releases will throw useless background information at you and give you a demo that doesn't live up to its "hype". Santalina is about pure facts and statistics with more publicity than most signed artists. Hmm. Let's just start of the top with& WWW.MSN.COM... Santalina has been called "The Face of" due to her frequent appearances their home page which gets over 250,000,000 hits daily ( Her picture has appeared on the front page eighteen times since July 2006 for a total of 4.5 billion views (enclosed in press kit). MSN has set up countless links going directly to her page throughout the summer/fall. This massive amount of awareness is due to her four-part mini-documentary conducted by SPRITE Soda for their "Exposure" campaign. BILLBOARD MAGAZINE&While most signed artists work hard for a little blurb in this industry making magazine, Santalina had her picture and half page article in the July 8th edition on page 24 based off her Sprite Documentary (enclosed in press kit). Director of Sprite Don King mentions that she has received "millions of impressions" on her site. MUSIC&Santalina has been working with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Grammy Award Winning (Song of the Year) Eddie Hustle (U Remind Me by Usher, Girl Talk by TLC, as well as Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, 112, Tyrese), multi-platinum Mr. Mig (LeAnn Rimes, Brian McKnight, Bow Wow, Omarion, Beyonce), Lounge Lizzards (Black Eyed peas), Fanton of the Beats (Candy Shop by 50 Cent) Kangol Kid (BET's Project Plan B, Whistle, Force MD's) and many others. Her current self-titled CD (under Jaxum Records) has sold astronomical numbers for an independent artist through her website ( and her performances. MYSPACE&Have you seen her incredible number's myspace page yet? Make sure to visit and see for yourself why her page gets over 2000 views DAILY! As of today (4/2007), she has approx. 400,000 page views and 580,000+ total plays of her songs. Santalina currently has over 81,500+ fans with at least 500-600 additional requests to be added each day. It's hard to visit any myspace page and not find her in their Top 8. NATIONAL TV&Santalina has appeared numerous times on National Television including her performance opening for ELTON JOHN and PATTI LABELLE on ABC's Welcome America Festival (one of ABC's most watched events). She also has sung the National Anthem at a variety of Philadelphia Sixers and Phillies games televised by an array of stations. After performing all over the US and developing an undeniable fan base, it is evident that Santalina is poised to be the next big music sensation. We appreciate your time and consideration in joining us with the evolution of this future superstar. " Welcome America on ABC with Elton John (Opening Act) 7/2005 " International Dragon Boat Championships 8/2004 " Citizens Bank Park - Phillies Game 5/2005 " Wachovia Center 76ers vs. Boston 3/2007 " Wachovia Center 76ers vs. Cleveland 2/2006 " Wachovia Center 76ers vs. Chicago 3/2005 " Wachovia Center 76ers vs. Golden State 3/2004 " Welcome America Festival 7/2004 " HIN (Pepsi Stage Philadelphia) 7/2004 " HIN (Pepsi Stage Atlantic City) 10/2004 " WUSA Nationally Televised PHL vs ATL 7/2004 " OPM Nightclub (CAESARS) Las Vegas 8/2006 " Kahunaville Nightclub in DE 10/2005 " Radio Disney (2 Shows) 8/2005 " Virgina Beach Festival 8/2004 " American Red Cross Benefit 1/2005 " Circa Nightclub 10/2004 " Showtime at the Apollo 9/2005 " Philadelphia's Unity Day 9/2004 " CCP 4/2005 " Club TV for Fox and E Enter. 11/2004 " Beyond Nightclub 10/2004 " Beyond Nightclub 10/2005 " Wadsworth Festival 9/2004 " Shampoo Nightclub 7/2004, 10/2004, 12/2004 " Egypt Nightclub 11/2004 " NJIT 4/2005 " Club Deco 1/2003, 3/2004 " Bash Nightclub 8./2004 " Emerald City - over 12 shows " Babylon Nighclub " The Warehouse Nightclub " Club 218 " Chrome Nightclub " Remote Lounge in NYC " The Five Spot in NYC " Katmandu Nightclub " American Cancer Society " Mutya Dance Company Gala " Drexel University " Temple University " U Penn " Manila Bay Restaurant " Modell's Sporting Goods Hype Tour " The Trocodero " and more! For more information, interviews, reviews, drops, mp3s, or label consideration, please contact Rob Schwartz at


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A Special Place

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