Second Chance Band

About Second Chance Band

The Summer of 2006 dawned our fifth year together as a band. Though it has been a long eventful journey, we are still solid in the Idea
that " Music makes a difference in life And life will always
change music." This being anyone maybe playing music, when
you see us playing Live,Know that all the Hard work, efforts
and what it takes to show up as a Band an Audience are
shared, enjoyed and for all the short opportunities we get to
play, we Love and are Thankful for each one of you all!
Second Chance Band's Second CD "Waitin'in Line" is the
product of Two Years of Personnel changes,Experiences of
the work and testing songs on their Fans. Yet, again another
CD has been recorded and self-produced by this well focused
band. Now they are embarking another journey with the
release of our sophomore CD " Waitin' in Line" which was
released the summer of '06!



Red Dirt Cowboy

Red Dirt Cowboy

album: Waitin In Line

genre: New Southern Rock

streams: 98

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