A little Salt and a little Light

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A little Salt and a little Light

Terry Dashner

The Bible says that you are the light and the salt of the world. I find it interesting that it uses these two metaphors. Why do I say that? For one, just a pinch of salt goes a long way. It takes just a little to enrich the taste of food. Without it, food is too bland. With too much, it ruins the taste. A little salt is just right. Stop and think about this. You are one person against the world. By your own strength and might the world can be overwhelming to you. But, with the strength of Christ in you, you become like salt to the world. You and your faith in Christ are just enough to change the world for the better. The Bible says that faith as small as a mustard seed is all you need to move aside the mountains in your life.

In regards to light, consider this. An aged and prosperous businessman worried about who would carry on after his death. His only relatives were three young nephews. So he called them in and said that one of them would be his successor. But I have a problem. And the one who solves it shall inherit my business, he said. I have here a large room, which I want to fill as soon as possible. Here is a small coin for each of you. Go now, but return at sunset, and see what you can buy with this coin to fill the room.

Hurriedly they went their way to the market, and as twilight fell, they returned. The first youth was dragging a bale of straw. When loosened, it made a pile so great that it filled half the room. He was complimented by the other two as they helped him clear it 1*4 panel away.

The second youth brought in two bags of thistledown which, when released, filled two thirds of the room.

Now it was time for the third nephew, who was standing still and forlorn. And what have you? asked his rich uncle. I gave my coin to a mission, he replied, leaving only one farthing. With it I bought a flint and this small candle. Using the flint, the third boy made a spark and lit the candle, which filled every corner of the room with light.

Light and salt fill emptiness. If you are living your faith as the salt and light of the earth, then you are filling the emptiness in this world with the life of Christ. If you are living your testimony of faith in Christ, you are driving out darkness everywhere you go. This world needs substance. The world needs your witness. Keep your light shining brightly, and keep your life salty. 

Stay the course..(Sources cited are available)

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