Stains on dark carpet colors

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White or light-colored carpets will show stains more easily than their dark counterparts. Stains come in a variety of colors and almost all of them show up against a light background. Cleaning a white carpet may prove easier than a dark colored carpet because you can use any number of oxidizing and stain-removing products to lighten the stain's color. Using similar products on dark carpet may cause it to discolor or lighten, giving rise to obvious patches.

Better understanding is very important in treating darker stains specially if the carpet is light colored. What about in your home? Does a light-colored carpet mean you're doomed to be chasing down carpet stains forever, or is a better alternative a dark carpet color that will hide dirt?

Stains on dark carpet colors

Dark brown carpets offer the advantage of hiding most stains, even the dreaded red wine spill. 2*4 panel suppliers But high-traffic areas and regularly cleaned spots may quickly become obvious on a dark carpet, especially in contrast to areas that haven't been traveled on or damaged. In addition, dirt and grime won't be as obvious on a dark carpet, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Dark-colored carpets need just as much cleaning as their lighter counterparts and may conceal a host of debris if not properly cleaned.

Stain removal home remedies

General carpet cleaning rules apply no matter the color: Blot stains immediately, don't rub them in and always give them time to dry before using a vacuum. There are certain products, however, that should never be used on colored carpets; bleach is a good example.

Most home cleaning products and steam  agents will advise you to spot test before doing any major work. Pick a corner or out of the way spot, and use a small amount of your intended cleaner. If the color changes and doesn't revert after the product is fully dried, stay away.

Tough stains won't come out

Despite your best efforts, however, there may come a time when a stain on a carpet calls for more power than home remedies can provide, or you may have accidentally used the wrong product and changed your carpet's color. In these cases, a licensed, bonded and knowledgeable carpet cleaner will not only combat stains but help get your carpet color looking like new again.

There's no clear winner here on color. White carpets show their stains more easily, and dark carpet colors are susceptible to changes if a harsh cleaner is used. In both cases, use care and caution when cleaning to keep your carpet looking its best.Vacuuming the area after it has dried will help to restore the texture of the carpet fibers.

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