Roku error code 014 and troubleshooting

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-05-23

Error code 014 is common on Roku and will popup as you stream or activate your device. As soon as you get the error message it is the indication to go for quick troubleshooting

Resolve the errors as early as possible or else all your streaming will get affected

Error code 014 represents internet connectivity issues and it is easy to get rid of these errors if you execute the available troubleshooting tips

Guidelines to Avoid Error Code 014

If you do not have a good speed network connection it’s really hard to proceed with the setup and activation

  • Verify the network credentials that you use for your device
  • Double check to ensure that you place the router close to your device and the model that you use can offer you better speed
  • Device restart or reset can always help to overcome connectivity issues to some extent
  • Search if there are any external software’s available on your device. Try to uninstall the external software’s 
  • Verify if the device software is the latest, if not you can try updating the software with the latest
  • Try to disable the network pings and most of the users try this step
  • Disconnect your device from the network and try connecting the device to network once again

Connect your device to good speed network and start streaming the collections that you like in good speed

To get more updates on Roku error code 014 and troubleshooting, suggest you to refer the articles and blogs on our webpage

As you ring the support number our agents will contact you for assistance to get rid of Roku error code 014

How to Activate & Watch HGTV

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-05-21

HGTV on Roku

If you are a fan of the HGTV shows like Home Town, Flip or Flop Nashville and Property brothers, you can now stream it live on your Roku streaming device.

Watching HGTV on your Roku is simple if you have a subscription under an internet TV provider.

Subscription packages

You can subscribe to the Sling Orange package for $25 a month and watch HGTV. This package also gives you access to 29 other live TV channels.

Or you could opt the DirecTV NOW package 'Live a Little' for $40 a month to watch HGTV.

Subscribe to any of these packages today to stream your favorite HGTV on Roku streaming device.

Activate HGTV

  • The first thing to do is to power on your Roku streaming device after connecting it to your TV. Then, by entering the correct case sensitive password on your TV, you would have to connect it to a wireless network of your choice.
  • Place the router close to your Roku device so that you will have a strong connection.
  • Now login to your Roku account that was linked with the Roku device and go to the Home screen.
  • Once you are on the Home screen, navigate to the option 'Streaming Channels' using the Roku remote.
  • From here, you can browse for HGTV and add it to your channel list under your service provider.
  • On adding the channel to your list, come back to the home screen and select the channel again.
  • When you complete this step, you'll see an activation code pertaining to the HGTV channel and the service provider.
  • Accessing the website on your personal computer or mobile device, enter the activation code in the space provided.
  • Now after this step, you will activate the HGTV channel, on your Roku streaming device.

Call us @ +1-844-301-7120 to Activate HGTV on Roku. Get the You step by step information on this video on to setup the channel or visit our website

How to Activate ABC Channel on Roku

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-05-16

Myriad numbers of TV series are releasing every year on the streaming network channels. But very few of them remain on stage among the audience with huge accolades. Audiences prefer highly entertainment packed series on selective channels only. ABC channel is one of the highly reached channels among the audience with various interesting TV shows and movies. With a strong impact of various eclectic interesting shows covering the genres like family, throwback, news, reality, comedy, drama, etc. ABC channel has gained a huge number of views from the user end. If you want to subscribe for quality filled entertainment, then ABC channel would be a good offering. Know the channel activation on your Roku by steps.

Participating TV providers for abc channel

As the channel is a widely popular one, most of the famous TV providers are participating to offer the abc channel,

  • Cox
  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Optimum
  • AT & T Uverse
  • Xfinity
  • Spectrum
  • Verizon
  • Suddenlink

Steps to carry out

You have to enter the valid abc channel activation code by visiting the site on your browser. To get the channel code, follow the upcoming steps in the given order

  • In the first place, you must connect your Roku streaming player and sign in using the Roku account credentials
  • Subsequently, move on to the Roku home menu and click the channel store option to begin the search
  • Type the ‘abc’ channel name in the search bar and locate the channel app from the drop down results
  • In the meantime, enter the channel menu and click the ‘add channel’ option to download the channel app
  • Finally, after the installation, you will get the code and enter this code on site in your mobile or computer

For more steps regarding this kind of channel activation process, call our team by the toll-free number.

Fubo TV Roku | How to Watch Fubo TV on Roku?

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-05-14

Fubotv Roku

What the channel offers

You cannot list this app under any specific category as it offers sports, news, movies, TV shows and much more. The Fubotv Roku channel has content from several partners such as

  • AMC Networks
  • Cartoon Network
  • CBS
  • CNN
  • FOX
  • NBC
  • Showtime
  • TBS
  • TNT

To enjoy these programs, you must activate the channel on your Roku with the correct channel activation code.

Getting the Fubotv Roku app

  • Visit the Fubo TV website first and ensure you register for a free account there
  • If you already have an account with them, simply use it to login
  • Although this is a free account, subscription for their services are mandatory
  • There are many plans that offer different combinations of content from various channels
  • Choose a plan that suits your family and then, make a subscription towards it
  • Payment can be completed on the channel website after which you can install the app on your Roku
  • From the device, visit the channel store and begin a search for the Fubotv Roku app
  • Once you find it, install it and wait for the app to appear on your personal list of channels
  • If it doesn’t, then perform a SYSTEM UPDATE and wait for a few minutes
  • As soon as you launch the channel, you will receive a channel activation code which must then be entered on the channel activation website
  • This is to authenticate the link between the user and the device that they are using
  • After the acceptance of your credentials, you will be given access to the content available on the Fubo TV app on Roku

You can always use our toll-free number to clarify any doubts in this channel activation process for Fubotv Roku.


How to Activate NBC Sports on Roku

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-05-11

NBC Sports on Roku

Once you setup Roku, you cannot resist from adding the NBC Sports on Roku. The app can be appended using your TV or by using the Roku account from your PC or other handheld devices.

Using the Television (Roku remote)

• Go to the HOME SCREEN using the remote and access the settings menu
• Then select the Roku channel store and browse for the NBC Sports on Roku
• Select the ADD CHANNEL button

Using the PC or other handheld devices

• Visit Roku channel store and select the SPORTS genre
• Under this genre, search for the NBC Sports on Roku
• Select the ADD CHANNEL button to add the channel into your account

For attaining access to this channel, you will be asked to pay a subscription fee. You don’t have to give the details again if you have provided your card details during account creation. For activating the NBC app on each Roku device, you will have to provide your card details. Stay tuned for some great live sporting actions and also watch exclusive interviews of your favorite sports stars.

What to watch

• Women’s British Open
• USA Swimming
• Tour de France
• Senior PGA Championship
Women’s PGA Championship
• S. Army All –American Bowl
• Ryder Cup
• Rugby World Cup
• Royal Ascot
• Olympic Winter Games
• Olympic Summer Games
• French Open
• Formula One
• English Premiership
• Breeder’s Cup
• American Football League

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How to Activate NewsOn Roku

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-04-26

NewsOn Roku, being the best channel for local news updates, is available to stream on any Roku streaming device. And not just local news, you also get to find out what’s happening globally when you activate this single channel on Roku. A free of cost channel, the activation steps are quite simple with great features such as news casts, news clips and also, time-shifted news apprises.

Learn how to activate NewsOn Roku with these simple guidelines

Channel activation on Roku

  • Turn on your Roku and visit the channel store from your streaming player
  • Otherwise, you can also access the channel store from the mobile app or from a computer
  • Under the category called News, you will find this channel
  • Add it to your Roku account just like adding an app to your mobile phone
  • Launch the channel to start viewing various videos that are currently available
  • Certain devices may ask for a channel activation code in which case, ring our toll-free number

Device activation or channel activation tips

  • For successfully activating your Roku or for activating the channel on Roku, make use of the following tips.
  • Keep your device in close proximity to the router, therefore, you will not have hindrances in the network connection
  • If there is an activation code involved, try using it before it expires
  • Resolve any internet related issues with your ISP before you start this process

Overall, if you are still having difficulties in activating this particular channel on your Roku device, then give us a call at our toll-free number @ +1-844-301-7120. Our tech support team will help you breeze through any Roku issue and get the channel working in a matter of minutes.

How to Activate Disney Now on Roku

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-04-10

Activate Disney Now on Roku

Do you have a Roku account? If yes, then it is very easy to Activate Disney Now on Roku device. If not, no issues. We will guide you with the steps to activate Disney Now on your Roku device.

Disney has a lot for you such as Disney Original movies, live shows, videos and you can watch all episodes without any key.

Steps to Activate Disney Now on Roku

  • Before you activate your Disney Now, ensure that you have cable or satellite subscription
  • First, set up your Roku device with your TV
  • Connect your Roku device with your TV and switch on both the TV and the Roku device
  • Once it is done, you will get the home page with the Roku logo
  • You have to select your preferred language. And then, connect your device with your home network by entering the required credentials
  • Once you have entered those, you will get a display with a linking code to activate your device
  • Open your Roku account band activate your device with the activation code in the link
  • Now you can add your Disney Now by clicking the “Add channel” button on your channel store once you click the button.
  • It will ask you to enter the device activation code. Enter the respective code to Activate Disney Now on Roku
  • You can also do this by just visiting the page com/activate. Enter the code and click continues, you have to now log with the TV provider credentials.
  • If you don’t have TV provider credentials, contact your service provider and get the subscription for your TV
  • That’s it. Your Disney channel is activated now on Roku and you can watch Disney on your TV without any pay

Bottom Line

In addition to the above information, if you are still not clear with the activation procedure, just call us using our toll-free number +1-844-301-7120. We will provide 24/7 support for all Roku users with our techies!

In the present scenario, Roku is undoubtedly the best streaming device among multiple choices. By not sticking up to the conventional trends and offering a wide variety of different channel apps under varied genres, there is zero possibility to evade from the Roku entertainment. Updating with brand new features, Roku doesn’t fail to astound its users. We are going to look out one of such interesting channel app that can enhance your entertainment fun even more. Refer below to know all about the activation steps.

Do you know about playOn?

Play on is a cloud channel, which let the user record all the desired shows they watch and also helps to skip the commercial advertisements amid the shows. The PlayOn is available via two modes called cloud and desktop. PlayOn cloud enables you to record all the digital video streams through streaming devices, Android and IOS mobiles. With PlayOn desktop, you are able to get the same recording features on the windows computer. activation steps

 The activation of PlayOn the channel is just similar to other channel apps. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the PlayOn channel on Roku and click to record all your favorite shows.

  • In the first place, login to your Roku account in the streaming player and land on the Roku home menu
  • Navigate through the options and enter the channel store
  • Enter the PlayOn channel name in the search and locate the channel app in the results
  • In the channel home menu, click the add channel button and install the play on the channel package
  • Now you can play and record the show you want through the play on channel app
  • For each recording, you should need some channel credits or pay for the recordings

Besides, to know more information about activation steps, call our toll-free number @ +1-844-301-7120.

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