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HGTV on Roku

If you are a fan of the HGTV shows like Home Town, Flip or Flop Nashville and Property brothers, you can now stream it live on your Roku streaming device.

Watching HGTV on your Roku is simple if you have a subscription under an internet TV provider.

Subscription packages

You can subscribe to the Sling Orange package for $25 a month and watch HGTV. This package also gives you access to 29 other live TV channels.

Or you could opt the DirecTV NOW package 'Live a Little' for $40 a month to watch HGTV.

Subscribe to any of these packages today to stream your favorite HGTV on Roku streaming device.

Activate HGTV

  • The first thing to do is to power on your Roku streaming device after connecting it to your TV. Then, by entering the correct case sensitive password on your TV, you would have to connect it to a wireless network of your choice.
  • Place the router close to your Roku device so that you will have a strong connection.
  • Now login to your Roku account that was linked with the Roku device and go to the Home screen.
  • Once you are on the Home screen, navigate to the option 'Streaming Channels' using the Roku remote.
  • From here, you can browse for HGTV and add it to your channel list under your service provider.
  • On adding the channel to your list, come back to the home screen and select the channel again.
  • When you complete this step, you'll see an activation code pertaining to the HGTV channel and the service provider.
  • Accessing the website on your personal computer or mobile device, enter the activation code in the space provided.
  • Now after this step, you will activate the HGTV channel, on your Roku streaming device.

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