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Roku error code 014 and troubleshooting

By gorokuconnectivity, 2019-05-23

Error code 014 is common on Roku and will popup as you stream or activate your device. As soon as you get the error message it is the indication to go for quick troubleshooting

Resolve the errors as early as possible or else all your streaming will get affected

Error code 014 represents internet connectivity issues and it is easy to get rid of these errors if you execute the available troubleshooting tips

Guidelines to Avoid Error Code 014

If you do not have a good speed network connection it’s really hard to proceed with the setup and activation

  • Verify the network credentials that you use for your device
  • Double check to ensure that you place the router close to your device and the model that you use can offer you better speed
  • Device restart or reset can always help to overcome connectivity issues to some extent
  • Search if there are any external software’s available on your device. Try to uninstall the external software’s 
  • Verify if the device software is the latest, if not you can try updating the software with the latest
  • Try to disable the network pings and most of the users try this step
  • Disconnect your device from the network and try connecting the device to network once again

Connect your device to good speed network and start streaming the collections that you like in good speed

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