Terrible restrictions that have been brought

last year
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And exactly how big did this policy affect the Meso robots and sellers? None! Although they are loath to eliminate these formerly accepted methods of leveling up, they will figure out something and adopt other possible ways to have it done Buy MS2 Mesos - Don't forget robots function to achieve missions automatically. It's fairly naive and smug for Nexon to wash out Meso RMT which is already firmly rooted in the match's system by controlling the Meso vendors' account overall. As somebody prophesied earlier,"Any barbarous suppression will be shattered back with severer revolts," it's pretty apparent that Nexon's latest restrictions will end in a doomed expansion and observable loopholes for strangling Meso sellers.

There are loads of suggestions alterations towards the Terrible restrictions that have been brought up by many Maplers. Here are some of them classed as the viable and functional ones offer a creative thread to work out the issues:Create the Black Market limits only affect certain things such as onyx or specific categories, instead of affecting the whole market.Make it only be decreased if there are no level 50 characters on the account, but flip it back into the regular amount if there is at least level 50 character on that account.Make it so you simply have to perform the complete epic quest on your very first character, and give the ability to quickly forward epic quest and receive a shorter version if it is not your first time.

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