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It is really painful that it takes so long for a computer to start up. How to speed up computer startup has become a hot issue. You can do as the following steps to speed up your computer startup. 1. In the homepage of Bios page, enter the "advanced bios features" option, move the cursor to "frist boot device" option, press the "pageup" and "pagedown" to choose, the default value is "floppy", this means that it will start with reading information from floppy when the system starts. Thus it takes longer for a computer to start up.

The life expectancy will be shortened. So we can choose "hdd-0" and the computer will boot directly from the hard disk and the startup will be sped up a lot. In addition, in bios settings, it is recommend you set"above 1mbmemorytest" to "disabled" and set "quickpoweronselftest" to enabled. The settings in "advanced chipset features" affect computer speed a lot. You can change "bank 0/1 dram timing" from "8ns/10ns" to "fast" or "turbo". 2. Start dma mode to improve hard disk speedOpen Control Panel System Device Manager, expand "Disk Drives" branch, double-click udma hard drive icon, access Properties Settings Options, tick "dma", then press OK. Close all dialog boxes, and you can restart the computer.3. Remove windows boot logo:Click "Start" "Settings" "loose-leaf folder options", tick "Show all files" in "Advanced Settings" list under "View" tab. Open disk C, find the file msdos.sys, cancel its "read only" attribute, open it, under "option", added the statement: logo = 0, so windows boot logo will not be loaded. The boot time can be reduced a lot. 4. Make up and optimize the registryIf you don't know much about computer, you'd better not make any change to the computer registry. Computer registry is the most important part of a computer. If there is something wrong with it, your computer may crash. The safe and easy way is to choose a good registry cleaner. A computer registry cleaner not only can clean the empty keys in the registry.

It also can clean the junk files in the system and disks. An advanced registry cleaner can improve computer overall performance. In order to speed up computer startup, it can manage the startup programs easily. In order to speed up computer, it can clean the junk files in the system, Internet cookies, Internet Explorer temporary files and Internet histories. You don't have to worry about how to use a good registry cleaner. A well designed registry cleaner should be user-friendly. Some can be run intuitively. If you want to know more about registry cleaners, you can visit the website below Shrink sleeve labeling machine Manufacturers

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