7 Trends That Will Rule the Android App Development Landscape In 2019

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7 Trends That Will Rule the Android App Development Landscape In 2019

Android continues to be one of the most popular mobiles platforms because it has more than 80% mobility market share. Not surprisingly, almost every business that invests in mobile applications gives priority to platforms and who have not yet explored this region will tend towards Android App Development in Bangalore as well. Whether you plan to participate or are already running an application, you must realize the importance of following trends so that your application displays an impressive presence.

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Like every year, 2019 presents several innovations on the front of the Android application. Unless you embrace them, the opportunity to attract attention and be valued is reduced to a minimum. It's important to know the expected trends dominant in this space in the coming year and also be prepared to make them part of your application. Here are the top trends you should be prepared to accept in 2019, both for existing and new Android applications.

Android instant apps will continue to rule

Google came up with the innovative concept of the Android Instant Application in 2017, to reduce the hassles of installation and allow optimal use of device memory for users. This application is a warm welcome since they first came and will continue to be popular in the future. 2019 presents new opportunities for developers because it empowers them with features that make it easy to create smaller applications that download faster and can be tried without installing. Furthermore, the platform carries the Android Application Bundle, a new application publishing format that facilitates the Google Play Instant experience.

Kotlin will reinvent Android app development

Kotlin became strong as an officially supported language for Android App Development a few years ago. Since then, he has received widespread praise among the developer community for its potential to create in-depth Android applications. Being an efficient and experimental friendly language, this is being widely adopted by Android application developers around the world and will have a big influence on the platform in the coming years.

IoT apps will be more popular than ever

According to the Gartner report, the number of connected devices will surpass 20 billion by 2020. The increasing use of automatic devices at home and office is an example of an emerging IoT trend. As this smart device grows, there will be a corresponding increase in the number of IoT applications that run it. The Android platform will see a big impact from this technology as more and more businesses want to hire Android developers to create smart applications that drive connected devices and systems.

The popularity of Android for the enterprise will surge

Another application development trend that will have an impact on the Android space in 2019 is its increasing use in the corporate landscape. Because Android devices are the most preferred for companies, more and more of them want to make this application part of their portfolio to work. Android Enterprise, a Google-led program, presents best practices and tools for creating applications in the Enterprise ecosystem. Also, it offers complete security and control over enterprise mobility and data solutions owned by an organization.

AR and VR will reform the app scenario

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will go beyond the field of being mere game technology and will become more business-cantered. By 2019, they will be part of a company-oriented application, with functions ranging from interactive training sessions for employees to creating deep user experiences for customers, and more. The retail industry, in particular, is adopting AR and VR applications quickly to give a "try before you buy" - a type of virtual experience for their mobile buyers.

Integration of cloud technology will be the norm

Memory is an important parameter for Android users because they want to use it optimally. Developers have come up with solutions in the form of cloud integration into Android applications. While creating data-efficient applications will always be a priority, integration of cloud technology is a smart move because it facilitates better data storage and ensures strong security as well. The cloud will become a future trend as more and more businesses want secure and optimal storage capacity for their business data.

AI will be an integral part of Android apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML (Machine Learning) are technologies that most businesses use to understand consumer behavior, gather insights from data and create strategies to align with developing trends. For this reason, they also tend to be an integral part of the Android application because businesses want to capture consumer data as well as Artificial intelligent conversations with users through catboats. This a smart virtual assistant will most likely take over the customer support function in the future.


Next year marks a massive transformation for Android applications, focusing on providing a the fast-paced and integrated experience that goes beyond customer expectations in everything. In line with this trend, it will be the best approach for business because the latest technology updates will enable them to take the opportunity to create competitive support for themselves. Connecting with experienced application development partners is the best strategy to get started because they can help you improve existing applications and develop new ones.

At Fusion Informatics, we are a well-known Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore, India that serves a variety of complete mobile applications for various platforms. We truly understand client requirements and mix them with the latest technology trends to create application solutions that add true value to the business. Share your requirements with us and we will help you embrace the latest trends by creating a futuristic Android application for your business.

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