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I am the Guitarist Synchrony, a soloist since 1987. I create music foundations; a platform for my electric guitar to sing. I spent my entire life with a dream of making music. After thirty-seven years of playing guitar, I still have that same dream. This is my gift. The magic that everyday holds a new song. My fingers just need to find it. Then I can record it. I grew up in a family that loved music. My parents were great dancers during the big band era. My brothers and sister blasted great music from the fifties & sixties. I was over exposed to great music. So from the very beginning I wanted to make great music too.

I got my first electric guitar when I was twelve. I quickly blew up my amp a major let down. Though a turning point in my music life. I secretly used my brothers’ new stereo tape recorder. It had eight-inch speakers. It was louder then that little amp. I started recording on it. Hearing my mistakes, playing along with the track. We could not afford lessons so this became my music school. I didn’t know it then, but I would spend my entire life recording, learning and building track to track. I went onto playing with bands. I never played cover music without adding a twist, something from myself. This progressively turned to all original music. Nobody would hire my band for money. For me, it was never about money, it was about music. Finding band members to feel the same was a problem. Rampage, my band of nine years quit on me. It was mutiny at our greatest moment. I decided, enough with band members. I would learn all the instruments and become the band. I worked for many years gathering the equipment needed for this new task. Recorders, consoles, instruments. In 1980 I was given the money to build a major recording studio. I had one year to make it. As the clock ticked away, the year passed. They shut me down. I was beaten to my lowest point, but I awoke and said I will overcome this. I will get back what was lost and never be owned. I’ll never let my dream be compromised again over money. After ten years I recovered and was playing in my own underground studio.

I released my first CD “In The Spirit” in 1995. My wife organized a team for a massive Collage radio campaign. The CD was widely received. In the year 2000 I finished work on CD two Outside the Mainstream. Again Lorraine went to work on the phones with over eight hundred collage radio station directors. It was a positive response they wanted more. The problem was no band, no way to tour. It felt great to hear such feedback it was a soft applause a reward from the world outside my studio. I reached a place of success from my music. Only there was still one big problem. No money for all my work. I couldn’t even pay the electric it took to make one song. That was hard to measure what success meant. It was a time to wonder if it made sense to go on. Did I go to far to go back? Was it crazy?

I needed to know what to do. I started writing notes about my life. Those notes became a Book. The story of my life making music. There was only one name for it. Outside the Mainstream. I was living outside the mainstream ever since that first guitar. Now my history was in print, Published 2001 available on line and my website. I learned about myself. A personal review of my spiritual DNA, I recalled who helped me get to where I was today. Also my gift wasn’t only about making music. It was my deep commitment I made long ago. Never allow my dream to die. When it was finished it was an inspiration that would remind me of who I was and why I could never stop. Today I get emails, how that little book inspired them to go on, how they couldn’t stop reading it. I still haven’t made money but it’s nice to hear that soft applause.

Success comes in many ways. My musical expression comes from that struggle. It’s from deep inside. Something money can’t by and no one can take it away. For me as an artist I am not satisfied yet. But looking back I did come along way. My little book helped me to go forward.

I now own a music laboratory. I formulate the many music layers to become one sound. When it is powerful, beautiful, rich and moving, I bring in the Guitar. I am so grateful that little amp blew up some many years ago. I am now living my early dream of making that great music.

“Vigilant State”, CD 3 was complete in late 2003. It holds many great moments for me. While putting this CD together my life was up and down. The guitar is the extension of my spirit. It reflects my most inner feelings. Without thought my fingers travel to the notes that are needed for each song. This is my gift, an artist for a moment in time. The songs repeatedly took me to that magic spotlight the mountaintop. Where the guitar sang out with energy I am here. As I look back Vigilant State was a good time for my music life.

I love toys, tools and the old way of recording things. I went back to Tape for most of upcoming CD #4 Level Red. I expanded the studio equipment with an Euphonix console. I love the sound of analog for guitar. Well that’s how I stay alive. I change things around me. I do not control what comes from inside I am always hoping for the best to come. This next CD is charged with emotional expression. A time of great personal loss and gains that’s what music is for. It gets us thought life, medicine for the spirit. Level Red will personally mark my time line for musical accomplishments. As I go forward in my life I wonder if the magic can remain. Can I hold on to my dream for one more song? I hope it’s not the end. I will find out today or tomorrow when I pick up that guitar, will it sing again for me. Synchrony. Being the artist Synchrony 2006 Thank you.

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