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pictureSamia Idoudi : Went to see the movie and loved the music so I am glad you sent it in good shape

pictureRoni Markman : Purchased to use as a team jersey. A little thin in material which makes it semi-see through. Otherwise, no complaints.

pictureFadekemi Adewunmi : Very impressed with this jersey. I am 6'4, 260 pounds and bought the XXXL. The fit is perfect...not tight at all, but not loose either. Wicks away sweat very nicely and someone else mentioned you can hardly tell you are wearing it - I'll second that. The back drops fairly low over my rear which I kind of like in a weird kind of way...still a little concerned with a guy my size in lycra. I got the "blue" which is multicolored which looks great but is also bright for good visibility.. The quality is way better than I expected for the price. I'll most likely be ordering another.

pictureAnees Sina Yazdani : Worried I was not going to find a cycling outfit for a beefy guy like me, this fitted perfectly. I'm 6'0" 233, and complement my heavy weights lifting with cycling. Great looking too.

pictureNaraq Dimotrov : Fabulous sound track. No complaints here. Recommend to all who are familiar with the time period and music. You won't be disappointed

pictureTapiwa Chitekwe : Perfect for the gym; great price and nice fit!!!

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