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Lightweight and easy to use for our 6 and 8 year old. Clear sound. Has on and off switch, great product
  picturePrecy DP Lacaden

Comfortable cotton
  pictureEmma Jeffers

Great product. Perfect for a young football fan. Quality was much better than expected. Will be put to good use for many years.
  pictureCody Giraffe-King Feeback

These gloves are lovely and feminine. Fit nicely on the hands. Function well for their intended purpose. Soft and comfortable.
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I have been looking for a good set of sheets to replace my old sheets for my massage practice with. I have had these for almost 2 months and LOVE them! They are very soft (and have stayed soft after bi-weekly washes). My clients always comment on how soft they are (and they don't when I use my old sheets on them). They breathe well and look really nice on my massage table. Bamboo sheets aren't cheap, but they are well worth the price in my opinion. I would definitely recommend them!
  pictureKindra Fisher

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