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The Glass Poets are - Douglas W White (founder/owner) of Sacramento Ca, Michael A Bradshaw, Rehobeth Al, Barbara ( Bessie Girl ) Adkins of Naples Florida. We write original lyrics and musical compositions in the country - country rock - inspirational christian country - middle of the road genres. However we write for female and male vocalists as well. We are extremely versitale in our writing skills. The unique story behind us , The Glass Poets is that we HAVE NEVER MET in person.  We do not consider ourselves as entertainers or vocalists but instead " Storytellers" our goal is to have our material land in the right hands in the music industry. All of our material is for sale. We write, compose, record, play all of the instruments, sing our own vocals for our material.

The Glass Poets Discology:

1: Spirits Of Adventure (country, country rock, western movie soundtrack theme)

2: Stories Of Today & Gone Yesterdays ( country, country rock, country/pop crossover)

3: Life Is Not For Granted ( Inspirational, contemporary Christian)

4: Garage Sale (country, country rock)

5: Move To Higher Ground (contemporary Christian - 5 original songs by Micheal A Bradshaw - % songs by The Glass Poets)

6: Untameable ( rock, alternative rock, swamp rock - a collaboration between The Glass Poets(USA) & Internal Dealin (Great Briton) Kerry Harrison & Chris Guy)

7: The Warmth Of Christmas - An Indie Artists Compilation ( 10 indie artists from throughout USA & CAN with 14 original, fresh, new, homegrown Christmas Songs - coordinated/produced by Doo White of The Glass Poets)

for info on obtaining any of these cd's contact the following below:

Peace to you and yours

Douglas W White (Owner/founder/lyricist/rhythm guitar/vocals)

1 916 400 3626

The Glass Poets


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Bosums Galore

album: Spirits Of Adventure

genre: Country

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