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TJ Martin brings to the table a unique first in the music world. He got there by being influenced from groups like Question Mark and The Mysterians, to The Lovin' Spoonful, Suzanne Vega, the Atlanta Rhythm Section, Enya and many others.

When he first began the project, his intention was to improve the quality of music that was being used for the equestrian sport of dressage musical freestyles which is now an official Olympic level competition. His main focus was to eliminate the unnecessary and distracting sounds of bad editing, and the splicing together of various songs which creates a ride that has no theme. To do this, original music had to be written to match the choreography for each particular ride. He then set out to compose a piece of music for each of the varying levels of freestyles, and have riders perform them. The result was award winning freestyles and the world's first CD of "Music for Dressage".

This is an album of powerful, acoustic, instrumental music in an adult contemporary, new age/smooth jazz style. Because of the easy listening sound, the music has since found its way to evenings with candlelight, glasses of merlot and your imagination. The album contains just over 40 minutes of music with 7 songs and a bonus track. People worldwide have been enjoying these mesmerizing sounds. Internet sales of this album continue to grow on a daily basis, in over 70 countries on 6 continents.

If you love horses and music, you will love this album! Now an official Olympic equestrian event, dressage musical freestyles have become crowd favorites around the world. Here is the first album ever produced to honor this great sport. Music for Dressage - The Judge at 'E' by TJ Martin is the best gift idea for any occasion for your favorite horse lover. Now you can safely download the digital version of the entire CD, or one song at a time. And of course you can still buy the actual CD in a jewel case! - - - - Click Here to Order - and hear full length samples!


Question Mark and The Mysterians, The Lovin' Spoonful, Suzanne Vega, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Enya and many others.

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