Dub Techno in your life

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By: tokio46
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As this forum is so inundated with threads pointing to specific releases I thought I'd pose a different conversation to discuss some of the psychological or simply emotional aspects of dub techno. How does it affect you or contribute to your life? What do you like about it versus other forms of music?

My answer to such questions is this: https://ringtonesnoise.com

What I like about a lot of dub techno is how it allows space for my mind to both focus on the craft and beautiful soundscapes yet also allows me to completely let go and drift away, sometimes even losing sight of what I'm listening to. Often people associate forms of entertainment that put you to sleep as a negative thing, but if I get into a special place while listening (assuming I'm not driving because there have been times where I started to get sleepy and had to quickly change the music style) and I begin to drift to sleep that is a wonderful trance-like state that is a testament to the smooth and hypnotic nature of the music.

Share most of your views. Will keep it short and punchy though. Total agree with you saying that one can both enjoy the soundscapes while completely letting go, almost reaching me meditative state of mind. Example: with specific dub techno records my soul and mind travel to the same place they go to when I listen to this Fleetwood Mac Cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=170&v=tNH0xh8ZBeo

Dub techno can be background music just as it can be foreground music and is up to the listener to decide how actively they care to immerse themselves... can this be said of any genre of music? Possibly, though I find dub techno less intrusive then say, R&B or pop music for instance.

Is dub techno for more mature audiences? I only personally know one person who is a teenager who likes it but based on what I've seen in forums it seems like most people who are fans are at least 30, but I could be wrong. I just know my personal musical journey allowed me to discover it when I was already in my 30s myself. Same could be said of Jazz and classical yet of course there will always be exceptions. I don't think I had the patience or interest to explore other forms of music when I was younger yet then again nowadays youth have been exposed to the entire spectrum of music via tools that didn't exist when I was a teen.

Pardon my ramblings as I did go in many directions but since this is the thread starter I thought perhaps the more ideas I share the more interesting the feedback could be. What are your thoughts or answers to my first two questions?

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