What are the features in choosing a forex broker? 

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I am looking to trade on a forex broker. Tell me if you know what features might be when choosing?

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The result of the broker's work is the profit. You need to study the financial result of the broker's work

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You can see information about forex brokers for US clients on https://fx-list.com/brokers-for-us-traders.  The site collects all the information necessary for the choice of broker.  It is very convenient and will reduce your time to search and choose

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to become a successful trader you need to study

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In order not to be mistaken in choosing a broker and to make the right decision, you need to consider many aspects. You should also make sure that the broker you choose has a good reputation and is capable of meeting your trading requirements. In addition to choosing a broker, in order to start trading, you must know where to buy or sell cryptocurrency, for example, I always exchange ethereum to usd https://www.bestchange.com/ethereum-to-visa-mastercard-usd.html Remember that when choosing an exchange office, you need to focus not only on a profitable rate, but also on the security of cooperation.

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