FIFA 18 Guide: The Instruction of Upgraded Card Investment Part 3

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FIFA 18 Guide: The Instruction of Upgraded Card Investment Part 3
If you want to buy upgraded green cards,cheap fifa 18 coins you should know that the appreciation of a card depends on its potential and its current price. It is most cost-effective to spend the least amount of money to buy a card with low ability but high potential. The fame of a squad has no need to be put into consideration. According to my experience,fifa 18 coins online the price of upgraded cards usually reaches the bottom in the afternoon of the last three day of the deadline of issue, so you can buy card at this time. Usually the lower price also reveals at 2 am to 7 am of workday.
In terms of the card of Wagner, I seriously analyze for you. The card is proper to be invested. He belongs to Hockenheim of Bundesliga,fut 18 coins but can he join the German squad? No, he can’t. Although he scores goals in a game with a weak squad and the card upgrades to become a black card, there are still less game players to use it. It is just a card with a small amount of amateurs. The ability and operational feeling are obvious not good enough. In addition,fifa 18 coins at few people play games with squads of Bundesliga, so almost no people use this card. The demand decides the card to be ramped up when it becomes a black card. You profit actually comes from the final buyer,fut coins because the actual demand is less. Therefore the proper method is that you should buy almost all the cards under 15,000 coins or even the cards under 20,000 coins. When they add value at the weekend,How to buy fifa 18 coins you start bluffing to ramp them up and sell them out in the evening of Wednesday despite the outcome whether they upgrade to become black cards or not. In the end,cheap fifa coins I think you can earn two times as much. All of the profits you earn come from the final buyer.
As for the upgraded cards,How to buy fifa 18 coins you should choose those to be useful or hardly to be replaced in their position. It is better that the ability is low; the card hasn’t upgraded to become black, the position is in the upfield or he easily scores goals and makes assists.

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