What Bug Fixed in Path of Exile 3.1.0d?

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Yesterday my game client crashed when I was inside a Lab Trial. After restart, the first try for authentication and account login failed with a timeout (error message said something about "unuasual disconnect" or something like that). Second try got me to the character screen. Loading the city hub failed after ~30 seconds, back to account login screen. This time no problems in the first step. Second try of loading citiy hub was sucessful. Diconnect again when I tried to get to my hideout. Second try sucessful. Same when I tried to get back into my map (which cost me a portal). Loading the trial actually worked. Let us see 3.1.0d Patch Notes.

1) Fixed a bug causing Ulaman, Sovereign of the Well to deal more damage than intended with his spirit-spending ability to characters in melee range.

2) Fixed a bug causing Abyss Lich bosses to target non-players more often than intended.

3) Fixed a bug where the 'Defeat Elder Guardians' challenge was not able to be completed.

4) Fixed a bug where Abyss monsters could spawn too early in certain areas and interfere with normal Abyss mechanics.

5) Fixed some crashes caused by Scorching Ray.

6) Fixed a crash with Ancestral Call.

This has been deployed as a restartless patch. It won't require a realm shutdown, but the next time you restart your client it will update. https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile

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