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The Lastest and Detailed POE 3.3 Shadow Assassin Melee Builds

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The Shadow is Path of Exile's dexterity/intelligence hybrid class. He prefers to make use of fast-hitting weapons such as daggers or claws to dart in and out of battle, whilst laying traps or remote mines and controlling the flow of combat. He tends to make surgical use of offensive spells while dodging attacks, normally outmaneuvering his opponents.

The Shadow is amongst the extra tough classes to play due to his fragility, but he higher than tends to make up for it if handled with capability. His hit-and-run style of combat makes possibly the most of his organic evasion and energy shield and rewards strategic coordination of attacks, spells, and traps.

The armors connected using the Shadow's dexterity and intelligence are Masks, Jackets/Coats/Raiments/Garbs, Mitts, Boots, and Spiked Shields.

[POE 3.3 build utilizes Assassin as an easy indicates of harm and essential strike reliability to create Frost Blades feel fantastic, shattering screen proper right after the screening of monsters.

Molten Strike creates a straightforward method to clear pesky rares and bosses. Because the construct mostly focuses on the projectile and elemental harm, Molten Strike good elements from 90% using the tree.

-Fast clear
-Corpse Removal
-Aesthetically pleasing
-Easy to attain a comfortable mapping state
-Requires just Merc Lab to start shattering each of the items
-Uber Lab not expected for the build to truly really feel remarkable

-Takes a little of time to setup
-Levels faster as Sunder
-Single target calls for any among a type or elder helmet to shine(Doable with no one particular, even though)
-Can't push late game bosses without substantial investment
-Requires levels and decent rares(or Kaom's Roots) to push life to a comfy level

Talent Gem Setup:
Frost Blades - Added Cold - Elemental Harm with Attacks - Multi-Strike - Ancestral Contact - Cold Pen
Molten Strike - Added Cold - Elemental Harm with Attacks - Multi-Strike (In Wyrmsign or Elder Helm)
Whirling Blades - Fortify - Quicker Attacks
Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Poacher's Mark - Onslaught
Cast When Damage Taken(1) - Immortal Contact(3) - Vaal Haste(or Grace) - Inc Duration
Hatred - Portal - Flame Dash

Major- Lunaris(Assists evade projectiles if enhanced, and superior for physical harm reduction)
Minor- Shakari(Chaos mitigation. Enhanced is slightly difficult to get (T13 Map)

Unstable Infusion - Ambush and Assassinate - Deadly Infusion


Pob Hyperlink:
Talent Tree:
Instance Link:

[POE Molten Strike Buld]Acid Molten Strike Assassin - Uber Elder/Shaper-Viable Poison Build

This can be a poison create that I've utilized to clear Shaper/Elder and all of their Guardians on a spending budget (see gear section). It could do every single map mod, as well.

+Looks superior
+Mostly low-cost
+You can inform everybody you did Shaper with -10k tooltip DPS
+Can do each and every map mod does not depend on leech or regen
+Literally melts bosses
+Tanky, can face tank the majority in the game with superb gear
+Vaal Pact nostalgia (genuinely rapidly life recovery)
+Slows down enemies an entire lot

-Some BiS solutions are higher priced
-Destroys your GPU as well as GGG's servers
-Not HC-viable due to the fact of lag combined with the risky playstyle
-Extremely backloaded damage
-No, a single will would prefer to play with you
-Not the quickest clear speed, but Frost Blades might help out with that (confirm videos)

Leveling Guide:
Molten Strike is out there particularly early, make use of the assistance gems in the create section as you require them.
Try and retain your likelihood to poison at 80% or additional, use Lesser Poison or Poison assistance gems in case you have to.
Your poison will take some time to deal great harm, nevertheless it really should be noticeable correct just after the initial Labyrinth.

- Typical Lab: Noxious Strike
- Cruel Lab: Toxic Delivery
- Merc Lab: Unstable Infusion
- Eternal Lab: Deadly Infusion

Kill them all for two passive points.

Most important God: Soul from the Brine King is quite important, as getting stunned is definitely a vital weakness/annoyance.


Pob Hyperlink:
Talent Tree:
Instance Hyperlink:

Path of Exile Prepares For A Monster Hunt

In this new area, you'll be able to invite friends to see the many beasts you've captured and also interact with new NPC characters to learn more about the league and what's expected of you. The monsters you find aren't just for show, as capturing the rare beasts often yields access to higher-end weapons and armor. Known as Beastcrafting, you can sacrifice beasts and key monster parts at the Managerie's blood alter to power up some of your more valuable weapons. But in doing so, you'll summon powerful boss monsters that have to be defeated.

Along with new areas and monsters to battle, the Bestiary update will also feature a number of quality of life updates and balance, including new gems, skills, and revamps to the Ascendancy classes. Here's quick rundown of the core features as written by the developers coming for this update:

The Bestiary Challenge League: With a fresh economy and brand new mechanics, the Bestiary Challenge League is ideal for existing, returning, and brand new players to experience the award-winning gameplay Path of Exile has to offer.

Capture Dangerous Beasts: Track Wraeclast's most dangerous animals, weaken them, and capture them to make them your own. There are around 250 regular beasts and 40 legendary beasts to capture.

Complete your Bestiary: As you capture beasts from across Wraeclast, they are marked in your Bestiary, a permanent record of your progress through this league.
Populate your Menagerie: Visit and observe the beasts you've captured whenever you want, then use them to fuel your Beastcrafting.

Beastcrafting: Perform the ritual of Sacrifice by Combat at the Blood Altar to create and augment potent items. There are dozens of powerful recipes that require the sacrifice of different combinations of beasts that you have collected.

New End-Game Foes: Capturing and crafting with the right set of beasts may grant you entrance to difficult spirit boss encounters with powerful Unique item rewards.

Bestiary Sets: The Bestiary League contains four new sets of poe items based on the powerful spirit beasts. Mix and match them with other poe items and discover potent new builds.

The Story Continues: High-level players will be able to challenge The Elder and The Shaper simultaneously, deep in the centre of the Atlas of Worlds--the toughest boss encounter in Path of Exile yet!

With Path of Exile still going strong, the lead designer stated that they're still committed to the game for many years to come. And with a rather inventive take on monster hunting on the way, which still focuses on the loot in the run, the developers have some strange, but innovative plans in store for the game.

What To Expect on Next Path of Exile League First Day?

My current experience is limited to getting level 89 and highest tier 12 map but I joined late in abyss and wasted a lot of poe orbs trying to 6link an item which ultimately lead me to quit the league.

I’d appreciate any tips as I want to be able to beat shaper and Uber atziri this time and maybe try a couple of builds out early on Cheers.

1. That aside, what should I expect on the first days?

Some competition for the ladder and Elder/Shaper/Guardians/Atziri Items, people leveling masters like crazy (mainly Zana, even though I have a feeling we won't get Breach as Zana level 8 mod), people going for 36 or even 40 challenges, Exalted price in Chaos going up (if SC), some people going for HH or insane MF gear, people making big bucks thanks to Uber Lab farming, maybe some hotfixes and restarts.

2. Will it be laggy?

Probably a bit. Never had insane lag coming from GGG's servers/gateways/whatever besides when 3.0 was released, but it was present.

3. Is there any niche first day drops worthwhile saving?

Would you say ~50 life and ~40 res items are niche? They generally sell well on the first, maybe even on the second day. Atziri pretty much is pure profit on the first 2-3 days. Maps WILL sell well throughout the first week, especially if you get to them and climb tiers as fast as you can. Some uniques are 'expensive' early on, though I can't remember of any (maybe Facebreaker, Starkonja's Head, Devoto's Devotion, Belly of the Beast, ...), so be on the lookout for those. You should be checking if you feel something valuable dropped.

4. How about Path of Exile currency, I imagine there’s some kinda inflation with exalted?

Exalteds are "cheap" because there are not so many Chaos around, but their value increases very rapidly.

What's you expect on next league first day? More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on which would devote to offer amounts of cheap poe orbs online.

Path of Exile, How Does It Work?

By u4fifa, 2018-02-12

There are a million ways to describe PoE, I could tell you it's an isometric action RPG, I could tell you its story where you're a hero exiled in this land where everyone struggles to survive.

Gameplay. How does it work?

You choose your hero's class first (there are seven available, one of them gets unlocked during your first playthrough in a mission), each one is meant to fight better with different weapons or fight approaches.

Every action is made with your mouse cursor, with a few key shortcuts, so you move, interact, attack and organize with your mouse mainly. Each enemy death grants you some experience and when you level up you get a point to spend in your own character's giant skill tree filled with stats, bonuses and variables.

There are different tabs, starting from the inventory with slots for items to equip or to carry around to sell or store in your personal stash in town; there's a map with all quests as well, then there's the character's tab with all his/her personal stats (strength, dexterity, intelligence) damages, resistances and so on; there's a social tab with your friends and guilds.

Actual magics and physical abilities are given by skill gems you find around and place into sockets of weapons or armours you are wielding or wearing. Those skills level up with the same experience you gain with each kill.

Unlike Diablo there's no gold. No money. Everyone here is an exile, so the only poe items here is barter. You trade an item for another item. There's a criteria of course. Enough for you to know that regular items grant an identification scroll fragment, while different class of magic, rare and unique items will grant you a different kind of gem fragment that allow the player to improve regular or magic objects stats in many different ways.

And there's much more but it would really take me an entire day to describe everything I know or remember and it's not everything the game has to offer or hides for you to discover as there's a wiki with articles on every single aspect of the game you want to know in order to better understand the game。

FREE. Honestly, this is the very first reason you must love and worship this game and their developers. This title is simply put "well developed" in all its aspect and it's immense. It's not a pay to win and you will end up buying stuff on your own will to support developers because they did an immense job and definitely deserve it.

Path of Exile: Any Good Lightning Trap Builds Around?

Lightning Trap launches a ring of projectiles through the enemy that set it off, dealing lightning damage to them and subsequent targets.

Thinking of trying a LT build, but need inspiration as it is a first time.
Am worried about single target damage..? I've played Lightning trap this patch and ppl are talking something out of their ass without playing it properly. Cooldown of 2sec is nothing with cd reduction on the tree and a tinkerskin. on top you can use cdr on a belt or as a pseudolink in gloves.

The damage range is np with clustertrap since every single trap has its own rolls. Pretty consistent. If a trap is usable atm... its the lightning trap. So i used an assassin with dual shimmeron wands. capped crit with those.

Shimmeron however pretty much disables any movementskill (crit once and have a huge degen) which i didnt like that much. Alternatively swapping to voidbattery works as well and lets you warp at least.

So i had two shimmerons and on the weaponswap a shimmeron + Jaws of Agony if i needed pcharges. Those generate properly while mapping with the trapnodes, but stuff like uber izaro doesnt let you build up charges.

Shaper gloves are perfect for a ball lightning trap setup. Trap support (with +1 trapthrow), trap damage, slower projectiles are all great for ball lightning. On top a slower ball lightning projectile helm enchant is nice to have.

So everything worked out very nice and smooth for me, besides the movement stuff with shimmerons. But some dual dagger whirling blades, 1h shieldcharge etc are all good options.

Alternative for ball lightning can be cremation. trap cd isnt a problem with the duration and limitation on the skill anyway, is a good singletarget skill and nice to have if you need to wait for monsters to spawn.

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When Were You When Exalted Orb Drops in Path of Exile?

OP gives us a classic example of "Nietzschean affirmation". By saying "yes" to Exalted Orbs, OP asserts a pyramid of values such that an item's strength makes said item's worth inherently higher. An Exalted Orb is "good", per ipsum, and a Good player is one who values Exalted Orbs.

Not to delve too deeply into the rabbit's hole, but Nietzsche posited that one sign of the décadence of the age, its moral decay, was the inversion of this table of values. Instead of seeing Exalted Orbs as Good, and a Good player as one who had many Exalted Orbs, this was seen by those Last Men as a sign of moral privation -- having Exalted Orbs was, in this perverted table of values, classified as evil. (Thus Spake Zarathustra, 114) In Nietzsche's metaphor, OP is signifying the transition between the Lion and the Child, a rejection of what is weak to such a degree that weakness is no longer repulsive; it is simply nonexistent. Indeed; it takes a very high IQ to understand OP's post. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of nihilism in the context of Germany in the burgeoning Age of Industrialisation, the joke will go over a typical viewer’s head.

Assuming you are a beginner in PoE I will not write about End-game content farming which provides the highest profit. But will explain the most basic strategy to get PoE Currency fast. You should pick one of the fast map farming builds, like Frost Blades Raider or Spark Templar (well Witch with spectres became extremely efficient lately as well) This types of build usually are budget friendly and you just need few exalted orbs investment to start mid tier map farming (it’s more than enough to clear T5–7 maps in 2–3 minutes) If you can achieve that, you should be making around 100–150 Chaos Orbs / day (10h~). Most of the wealth comes from Chaos Orbs Recipe (vendor full set of unidentified rares for 2 Chaos Orbs, if they are quality 20% you get 3 Chaos) Also it is advised to get the starting currency to level up fast , and gear up.

I use U4gm. com for this purpose - usually grabbing like some Chaos for leveling gear and few Exalted Orbs for the gear. This usually pays up during first 1- 2 days of mapping, and if you are lucky with drops, that’s a different story ;) As a side note, this website does look great!

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How to Better Use Path of Exile Orbs?

For the first part of this series we will only touch on a few of the more basic Orbs. I will break them up into three categories based on the level of item rarity they interact with, Magic, Rare, and Misc (everything).

Magic Based Orb’s

  • Transmutation – Reforge a Normal item to Magic with 1-2 affixes (1 prefix & 1 suffix max).
  • Alteration – Reforge the current affixes on a Magic item with new ones (can re roll with 2).
  • Augmentation – Adds an affix to a Magic item (max 2 affixes).

Rare Based Orb’s

  • Alchemy – Reforge a Normal item to Rare with 4-6 affixes. These generally will not be used to craft unless you are just trying your luck (3 prefixes & 3 suffixes max).
    Chaos – Replaces the current properties on a Rare item with new ones (can roll 4-6 new affixes).
  • Regal – Upgrades a Magic item to Rare. Doing so will keep the original 1-2 affixes while bringing the total to a possible 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes.
  • Scour – Removes ALL properties from an item, reverting it to its Normal (white) base.

Misc Orb’s

  • Chromatic – Reforges the colors and item’s sockets. The RNG in deciding the colors is based on the items required core stats.
  • Relevant Vorici Prices – To see the most currency efficient way to recolor using Vorici, head over to the Vorici Calculator.
  • Blacksmith Whetstone/Armorer’s Scraps – Increases the quality of weapons/armour up to a maximum of 20%. This is very important as it has been reported that a higher quality slightly pulls RNG in favor of the best possible roll/maximum links.

Jeweler’s Orb

It reforges the number of sockets on an item. I believe my personal average for 6 sockets is close to 150 Jeweler’s and as a result never use Vorici to socket my own items.

Relevant Vorici Prices

  • 4 sockets = 10 Jeweler’s (1.2 Chaos)
  • 5 sockets = 70 Jeweler’s (8.75 Chaos)
  • 6 sockets = 350 Jeweler’s (43.75 Chaos)

Orb of Fusing
The orb reforges the number of links on an item. The community reports an average of 1200 Fuses to link, however, I myself have spent upwards of 2500 on occasion. I would never use Vorici to link an item over 4 Links. Buying a 5L is almost always going to be cheaper than doing it yourself.

Relevant Vorici Prices

  • 4 Links = 5 Fuses (2.5 Chaos)
  • 5 Links = 150 Fuses (75 Chaos)
  • 6 Links = 1500 Fuses (750 Chaos)

Items: What to Use As Your Base

When deciding on your base for crafting, look at the required core stats for coloring sockets.

  • Strength – favors Armour and red sockets
  • Intelligence – favors Energy Shield blue sockets
  • Dexterity – favors Evasion and green sockets
  • The item level of your base will determine how low or high your affixes can roll. You can see an item’s level by holding ALT
  • while moused over. Once again, head over to to get a clear idea on what you need.

The Method Behind the Madness

I will provide a very basic flowchart below outlining an easy to read and understand process of attaining the affixes you want. Keep in mind that the Orbs you are using to smooth out early defences are also your wealth, so unless you are playing SSF make sure you aren’t gambling your currency away.

As this is bare basics, I advise to only be doing this on Helm, Gloves, Shield, Amulet, Rings and Belt. The others require significantly more RNG, such as Chest and Boots (you need movement speed on here otherwise it’s a waste), and you aren’t advised unless it is a 5 Link and when crafting Weapons there is far more involved to get something worthwhile.

If you used a Regal Orb and it did not succeed you have now probably spent close to 2 Chaos. If your Regal was a success you have not only smoothed out your characters defences but also made a potential 10+ Chaos depending on where you are in the league and the item base you have used.

If you have made it this far I am hoping you now have a nice shiny new item you have hand crafted to round off some of your characters weaknesses and gathered some knowledge to help you in future endeavours.

Crafting is a lot of fun and my preferred way to play. The risk and reward is utterly addictive! Trading serves as a means for me to obtain build enabling uniques rather than fill in my characters gaps and as a result I end up enjoying each league for much longer than my friends and guild-mates.

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Ele Claw Inquisitor - Farm Shaper in Path of Exile!

For all interested I also added an alternative way of weapon scaling. The main Idea is to use physical weapons instead of pure elemental ones and convert the entire damage to elemental. Before 3.1 the conversion was pretty painful. But with Molten Strike and the additon of "The Watchers Eye" this process became very viable. You need to use Wrath howevery instead of double heralds. Wrath has more damage but you lose a littble bit of clearspeed from Herald of ice. For my own abyss character I got this combo here for 4ex in total.

A simple 300dps phys claw with some ele dmg for 3ex and the jewel for 1ex. This is the equivalent of my "Oblivion Song" claw from standard league, and PoB gives me about same dmage for much less cost.

What is this Build and what can it do?

This build is made to perfectly curve out pretty much from the first level to the absolute endgame. Its made to be a all around feelgood-build. I picked up many ideas from popular other builds on other classes and incorporated them into the very strong foundation of the Inqusitor Class. This build has almost no limitations. For example, it can kill "The Shaper" on a 3L setup and with a white level 0 claw.

- 33.1 MILLION BULLSHIT DPS and 12 Million actual-dps (in my actual gear)
- high map-clearing-speed
- strong defenses that make the build hardcore-viable
- cheap and smooth to start into a new League
- insane scaling with high-end-gear
- no League-specific or Legacy-Items needed
- Fast Uber-Lab farmer

- interactions require careful(!) reading of the guide
- killing the hardest content requires about 5ex investment
- ele-reflect maps need to be rerolled (when not using anti reflect gear/Pantheons)

I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website. Don't forget to from poe currency buy, which is the best choice for Path of Exile Currency & Orbs services on the market!

Path of Exile - Whether To Adopt Advanced Strategies?

As a relatively new player, the sextant system has been the only thing to truly discourage me from continuing to play. However, Sextants, and sextant blocking, mar an otherwise fascinating endgame.

Sextants are items you find in maps. There are three tiers of Sextants, denoted by colors, which coincide with the colors of maps. White (apprentice) is the lowest tier, then yellow (journeyman), then red (master). Once you have found one, you can use it by opening your Atlas, opening your inventory, right clicking the Sextant, then clicking on the map you want to apply it to.

I'm a big believer in visible, measurable progression in ARPGs. The player needs to both see an attainable goal, and witness their progression toward said goal. A player also needs justification for pursuing said goal. Ie, pursuing more poe orbs for better gear to defeat X super boss.

Sextant blocking undermines this system entirely. The cost of entry is outrageously high: roughly 150c initial investment in sextants for blocks on Shaped Vault, 60c every three runs in Zana Breach and sextants, and to really make these runs worth it, quantity gear (13ex minimum for Biscos, another handful of ex for well rolled Ventors). So to even properly prepare for these runs, I'm farming currency to purchase expensive gear that is designed to help me farm currency to purchase expensive gear.

More importantly, though, to properly shape my atlas, I'm rewarded for not completing end game content. I lock Shaped Vault in a cycle of Elder/Shaper influence by NOT fighting Elder. I force Shaped Vault map drops by NOT completing any T14 or T15 maps.

At that point, I wonder why I'm doing any of this? If I cannot "see" my expensive, super awesome gear in action against a super awesome end game boss, or in a super awesome end game map, why am I doing any of this? My end goal is gone, my justification is gone, my measurable progression is gone. I'm farming for the sake of farming. I could abandon the entire system, but not until I've made my money back.

This all bothers me so much, mostly because Path of Exile has such layered and engaging end game content. If you have any suggestions for Path of Exile articles, please leave your suggestion below.

What Patch Notes in Path of exile 3.1.2?

Tomorrow GGG plan to deploy the 3.1.2 update that introduces bug fixes and more!

There's now a UI option called "Advanced Mod Descriptions" which shows additional information about items when you press Alt. It breaks down the mods of the item into separate prefixes and suffixes, shows their possible ranges and what tiers they are. Please note that the tiers shown include all possible base types. For example, if Tier 5 of a mod is the highest that can appear on a ring, then it'll be listed as Tier 5 rather than Tier 1 on that ring. We are looking to improve this aspect in the future.

  • Added new helmet enchantments for Bodyswap and Despair. These are available from the Divine Font in the Merciless and Eternal Labyrinths.
  • Added a lightning explosion effect to the explosion caused by Inpulsa's Broken Heart.
    Added effects that apply to your character while wielding Arborix, Augyre or Vulconus.
  • Volatile Dead now displays average damage, rather than damage per second.
    Overhauled the visual effects and audio of Lightning Strike in order to improve performance.
  • Added the Multiple Traps Support gem to the quest rewards offered to the Shadow after killing Brutus.

Highlighting has been improved when searching in the Map Stash Tab. Changed the colours of the text on tier buttons in the Map Stash Tab to match their respective maps.

Abyss League Improvements:

  • Abysses can once again spawn in The Apex of Sacrifice and The Alluring Abyss.
  • Lich bosses now spend less time idling and should generally be more aggressive.
  • The ultimate skill used by Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless now deals less damage to minions and can now be triggered by sources such as totems and minions.
  • Pitworms are now immune to Knockback.

Monster Improvements:

  • Reduced the maximum range of Reliquarian's skills.
  • Tweaked the effects and audio for a skill used in the boss encounter in Pillars of Arun.
  • Increased the visual size of Plated Parasites.
  • Atlas and Map Balance:
    The Ice Flowers in The Constrictor Elder Guardian encounter now explode starting with the outside flowers followed by the inner flower.
  • Reduced the variance of the damage caused by the environmental lightning explosions found in the Manor of Madness. It still deals the same average damage.
  • Reduced the damage of Storm Burst projectiles used in the Pen boss encounter.
  • Increased the damage of Storm Burst explosions used in the Pen boss encounter.

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