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Workin with United Talent

user image 2010-03-04
By: underdinfluence
Posted in: United Talent Gigs
Workin with United Talent

<p><a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Under-D-Influence/249460286725?ref=mf">Under D Influence</a> Good Afternoon Everyone !!!! Just booked us and Ryte az Rain shows with United Talent, Thanks Joey !!!! Under D Influence @ Bobbie Magees Cresthill May 8TH and Ryte Az Rain Morgan's Bar and Grill in Mokena April 16Th These will be very important shows for both of us and we will NEED YOUR SUPPORT !!!! Shark City or... B...ust !!!! Thanks everyone for your support, without you people we are NOTHING !!!!!</p>

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