Wedding dresses turned into baby funeral clothes

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Carole King donates them to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital's neonatal ward for those who have lost children.
She makes the clothes to give parents something to bury their child in and alleviate the pain and stress of choosing it themselves.
Mrs King, from Exmouth, said the families should not have to worry about shopping for clothing for a funeral.
"It's just taking something away from them, one less thing to worry about," she said.Mrs King, an amputee and former member of the armed forces, makes the dresses in memory of her younger sister who died aged 19.
She said the work was a "perfect" way to use her love of sewing while resting after her accident.eisenge
So far Mrs King has made 30 dresses and nine waistcoats, with each outfit taking several hours to complete due to the complexity of the original dresses.
"It's the ladies I think more of, they're the ones that are generous and need the credit," she said.Mrs King is currently working on at least 30 more outfits after being flooded with requests once the news of her work spread on social media.
Leanne Osborne was inspired to donate her dress after a seeing a friend lose her young son.
She said witnessing the "devastating impact" of the loss made her want to help families in similar circumstances.
"It's a really lovely feeling to know that a dress I've worn, that made me feel special and beautiful on a particular day, can help other families in a tragic set of circumstances to be able to see their baby looking beautiful and special," she added.

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