2019 VPN Award Winner Brings Joy This Black Friday

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By: venynx
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VPN, the recipient of the Fastest VPN award and official VPN partner of Westham United Football Club & French leading e-sports club GamersOrigin, has gone live with its Black Friday deal. The industry veteran cybersecurity brand is now offering a limited-time 87% Off.VPN

The end of 2019 offers an abundance of price cuts and sales, and spending on a VPN can prove to be the smartest investment ever, given how aggressive cybercriminals become during the online shopping season. Therefore, the industry veteran cybersecurity brand is now offering not only a limited-time 87% Off but a 1-year premium subscription of Password Manager absolutely Free with all Ivacy plan.

"We understand the risks involved in online shopping and anticipated the threats shoppers can attract from hackers. Therefore, we encourage the internet users to take precautionary measures by protecting themselves behind Ivacy VPN, so their sensitive information is not compromised and they can have a pleasant online shopping experience," says Alan Martin, Head of Communications at Ivacy VPN.
Users can either break or make their service. Ivacy has cemented itself as a provider which has remained at the forefront of driving cybersecurity campaigns for more than a decade.

Users will find Ivacy to be of help with the streaming needs. Ivacy is one of the few VPN providers that has garnered its users' massive respect and fans alike when it comes to unrestricted buffer-free unblocking of popular streaming services along with its unique "Secure Downloading" feature for the safety of it torrent users.
Ivacy VPN is an industry veteran in premium VPN services that enables you to beat geo-restrictions and censorship, encrypt internet connection and browse anonymously. With the Ivacy VPN premium subscription, you get access to 1000+ servers in more than 100+ locations. Ivacy pioneered the "Split Tunneling" feature in VPNs. Its 4.8/5 consumer trust rating endorsed its reliability in the mind of its consumers.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

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