Metro Transit to Begin ORBT Platform Construction

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Omaha’s first bus rapid transit line is coming soon. Construction will begin mid-August on Metro Transit’s future ORBT stations.To get more metro news, you can visit shine news official website.

Metro’s construction team, led by The Weitz Company, will lay the foundation for each station, which includes platform preparation, roadway improvements and travel upgrades.

“We’re excited to work with Weitz as we lay the groundwork for an enhanced transit system,” said Curt Simon, Metro’s executive director. “This will be a game changer for transit in our community.”

Construction time will vary by location and temporarily close sections of adjacent travel lanes. Temporary bus stops will be installed near all platform construction sites. Sidewalk access may be limited due to safety concerns and space constraints, so pedestrians will be encouraged to use alternate routes until construction at each site is completed.

Once a site is prepared, ORBT canopies – which are being fabricated by Dimensional Innovations in Overland Park, Kansas – will be transported to Omaha and lifted into place by crane. Installation and testing of technology components will follow. Until ORBT begins operation next spring, Metro asks the community to be safe and respectful in these shared spaces.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience in advance,” Simon said. “We are confident that the benefits from ORBT will be valuable to a growing city that wants and needs more transportation options.”

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