Victory Gin

About Victory Gin


This four piece original act has identified their own sound with a bleeding mixture of rock and roll bluegrass, americana, soul, and vocal styling just not available on the music scene today.

Jim DeWitt/Songwriter - Is a wild visionary. Sometimes Dark, always mysterious, yet sensible and hooky. Not an easy combination to accomplish.

Jeff Wilson/Songwriter - Our ace in the hole story teller. Great rhythms, “Real feel”, Picnic, knee slappin love. You won’t believe this guy is from Jersey.

Joe Larsen - Accomplished solid groove player. Yeh, that’s right put on the click. He has no fear.
Joe has recently toured with Amphibian, and has also recorded and toured with multiple accomplished artists.

Gary Szymanski - The “bring it together guy”. Gary brings his versatile style to the unit. Playing everything from funk and blues to country licks. If you’re looking for a hook he just may find it.

Collectively Victory Gin Have played nearly every major venue in the New Jersey and New York area, including regional touring through-out the north east.

Venues include:
B.B. Kings- NYC
The Elbow Room- NYC
The Mercury Lounge- NYC
Max's Kansas City- NYC
State Theater -New Brunswick, N.J.
Stone Pony-Asbury Park, N.J.
Virginia State Theatre- VA
TT Bears-Cambridge, Mass

The new album “Tender Loin” has just been released.

When you spit out the corporate stew, rinse your mouth, and are ready to bite into a new possibility…
Victory Gin is here.



johnny cash, they might be giants, cake, wood bros. etc..


Tender Loin