Stainless steel cleaning step

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First, the best tool is stainless steel cleaning cloth and stainless steel oil, after the first step in the operation, we will pour stainless steel oil on the cloth (Note: stainless steel oil can not be used too much Oh, otherwise it will leave traces) And then wipe the stainless steel items back and forth, until all the stains are removed so far.Stainless steel wire suppliers
Second, this step is completed, we can take a clean rag, and then continue to wipe on the stainless steel items back and forth (Note: no longer coated with stainless steel oil), until the stainless steel oil wipe clean and bright stainless steel objects so far, this It basically completed the entire cleaning work, if found to have floral phenomenon, it should immediately repeat the above steps, know that wiped clean up.Round Seamless Carbon Stainless Steel Pipe
Third, for any of the things we will be cleaning the first time most of the stains removed, commonly used methods are rinsed or wiped, and today we have to talk about the choice of stainless steel is the method of cleaning the surface of the stainless steel most of the dust wipe , So that the overall comparison of stainless steel looks clean.347 Stainless Steel Standard Hexagonal Bar
Fourth, our family of stainless steel basin Most of the friends are using the washing method, but because of this, our family inside the stainless steel pots in the water stains always leave some traces, we can see, stainless steel is not suitable for washing , So not only do not wash clean stainless steel, long-term down will damage the luster of stainless steel. So how should we wash the stainless steel in the end it?300 series stainless steel properties
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