First Skin

First Skin

album: Dear Delirium

genre: Electronica/Pop/Downtempo

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Wild Blooms
About Wild Blooms

Carol Turner and Kevin Johnson are Wild Blooms. Their passionate and decidedly original sound was cultivated in the thriving and prolific music scene of Austin Tx. They scored smash commercial and critical successes with their first two projects, The Lones, and the indie phenomenon Panic Choir.

Amid cries of "the next big thing" , Turner and Johnson lead Panic Choir out on the road. An RV stuffed with the band and a small crew carried this fiery quintet around the U.S., playing 250-280 shows per year for a large part of the 90's. This intense work ethic put a fine edge on the band and earned them coveted opening slots on tour dates with bands like The Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, Jeff Buckley, Colonel Bruce Hampton, Hootie and the Blowfish, Rob Wasserman, John Wesley Harding, Timbuck 3, Cake, Soul Coughing, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Deep Blue Something, Jimmy LaFave, Joe Ely and many, many more.

Just when everything was looking perfect (huge crowds, label interest, a slot on the Lilith Fair) the band did the unthinkable and announced a hiatus from touring, pointing to road "burn out" and a desire to spend time in the studio. They never reformed.

Carol Turner and Kevin Johnson released the self-titled "Wild Blooms" in 2003 (on the fledgling indie label Euro-America Records) a "sparkling" mostly acoustic offering, highlighting distinctive songwriting and soaring vocals. In 2004 the duo released "Modified Additive", which saw them collaborating again with other Austin artists, exploring new sounds via samples, sequences, and programming.

Throughout 2006 Wild Blooms have been in the studio recording "Dear Delirium" their 3rd full length release for Euro-America Records. With this newest release, Wild Blooms entice the listener into their swirling, and heady world. Dear Delirium can be like reading a private letter or overhearing a secret conversation, allowing us to become the voyeur as Wild Blooms experiment, and explore, writing love letters to their muse. Fusing modern electronica with their acoustic, singer songwriter roots has placed Turner and Johnson decidedly outside the "comfort zone" the duo has established with their earlier success. Growing is what Wild Blooms do. Challenging themselves stylistically, however, will likely not be a challenge for their long time fans, who relish the kind of edge this duo leads them along.