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Configuration of IPTV

By William Hill, 2018-08-01

iptv box.jpgDo you know what IPTV is? It is interactive digital television – next generation of broadcasting. In this article we'll introduce configuration of IPTV. But first, let's clarify some points that are not yet fully clear to some of you.

We are not talking about TV broadcasting over the Internet. IP is the “Internet Protocol”, but it does not mean that users can open their favorite web page to watch a program or a movie.


IPTV is just a method of transmitting data over high-speed, managed and secure network. This service is offered by providers – companies that set up a network Ethernet cable or install an ADSL modem. They compete with satellite and digital television.

IPTV resembles your usual cable broadcasting, but instead of a special coaxial cable, it is transmitted to your home via channel used by the Internet. There are providers that use stream encryption, so you can only watch some channels via set-top boxes using a PIN or an ID card. The reviews of the best IPTV boxes are available in the article.

So, let's check out a configuration of IPTV.

First, download to your IPTV-box the player installation file. If you have downloaded it earlier, make sure that you have an Internet connection; otherwise, you will not be able to use the auto setup offered by providers.

Installing the player

After downloading the file, open it. You will see an installation window on the screen: you can select the language. Read the greeting, and click “Next”. Afterward, you will see a list of different services open up. It is better if you leave default settings. Select “Parameter Settings” and uncheck any additional services. After that, a list of programs will pop up on the screen. They are:

  • IP TV Player
  • VideoLAN-modules
  • Shortcuts

Select the appropriate folder for storing the program or agree to default settings once again. Click “Finish”.

The actual set up of IPTV

Now it’s time to set up IPTV. First, start IP TV Player, select the package (basic one is fine), and click “OK”. The player will start; if everything is correct and the keys are working, there is no need for using additional settings.

If you don’t see channels, there could be a number of reasons why it is happening:

  1. It is necessary to register the network card in the settings.
  2. Because of the running VPN connection, the channels might not show. You do not need to disable it, just select interface. Check the IP address of the network card.

If nothing is working, go to Advanced settings, and check the channel addresses - the list is usually updated automatically.

And now let's go over the setup process on the TV. It all depends on its model and brand. The main thing is: there must be an Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi router and software. If there is no software, select the settings through a set-top box-media player.

So, now you know what IPTV is. This technology introduces a bright screen and a vivid picture that does not depend on weather conditions, TV settings or a length of the cable. There is an electronic TV guide in the player – a list of programs – which is very convenient.

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