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<p>china android phones<br />China Unicom, China's No. 2 <a href="">china android phones</a> mobile carrier, said it will sell handsets running <a href="">android irobot apad</a> Google's Android operating system, dispelling doubts raised after a dispute <a href="">tv receiver</a> between Google and the Chinese government.In January, Google postponed the launch of <a href="">hot stamping machine</a> two Android-based mobile handsets in China, for which Unicom would have been the carrier. The delay followed a high-pro-file <a href="">wood dowel pin</a> spat between Google and Beijing over a hacking incident and Google's unhappiness over having to self-censor its <a href="">red bull hats</a> Web-based search results in China.<br />"We are open to mobile <a href="">makeup brushes</a> phone operating systems, and we recognize that Android is a mainstream system," Unicom <a href="">discount gucci shoes</a> chairman Chang Xiaobing said Wednesday on the sidelines of the opening of the Chinese <a href="">moulded case circuit breaker</a> People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing. "We will definitely use Google's Android in our mobile handsets."China's top mobile <a href="">bridge rectifier</a> carrier, China <a href="">plug valve</a> Mobile, is also selling cell phones in China running the Android operating system.<br />The future of Android in <a href="">globe valve</a> China was briefly called into question in January after Google said it was postponing the <a href="">printing machine</a> launch of two mobile phones in the country using the open <a href="">embroidery machine</a> source platform, which Google is using to <a href="">check valve</a> challenge similar products from Microsoft and Nokia.Google's surprise announcement last week that it could abandon the China market after it was targeted by China-based <a href="">new era caps</a> hackers has raised questions about how a withdrawal would affect hardware makers who use Google software <a href="">pittsburgh steelers jerseys</a> in their products.<br />Yang said Lenovo would still be <a href="">new jersey</a> able to use Google's Android software, which is open <a href="">nike air max shoes</a> source. He declined to say whether the LePhone would include Google's popular search feature, but <a href="">tiffany jewelry on sale</a> said the handset would come pre-installed with the <a href="">replica iwc watches</a> icons of major Chinese websites operated by, and Tencent.Lenovo <a href="">new era hats</a> also expects its handset business to grow faster than its traditional PC business, said Yang, without <a href="">hermes birkin handbags</a> specifying a timeframe."I hope that Lenovo's mobile division can earn similar status as our PC business in the <a href="">aloe vera</a> future," said Yang.Lenovo sold off its handset business in 2008 to focus on its core PC business.But as <a href="">bathroom cabinets</a> handsets and PCs have started to converge with the advent of devices such as <a href="">pigment red 170</a> netbooks and smartphones, Lenovo announced last November that it would reacquire the business for $200 million.<br />The Droid, Cliq, &amp; Backflip aren't <a href="">3g wifi router</a> the only Motorola Android devices around. There's also the XT800 and MT710. Confused? Yeah, it's <a href="">final fantasy xi gil</a> okay. We've seen these China-only devices previously but have heard very little since. At CES, we actually got a brief hands-on <a href="">lineage 2 adena</a> with both devices and came away pretty impressed. Surprisingly, these devices are <a href="">printing machine</a> extremely well built--definitely better build quality than <a href="">outdoor fitness equipment</a> the Cliq and perhaps even better than the just announced Backflip.The MT710 (pictured above) runs China's custom Ophone UI <a href="">electric ball valve</a> which skins Android into big pressable buttons--it's hardly recognizable as Android. The shape is a little odd, resembling more of a <a href="">fitness equipment</a> book than anything else. Specifically, one side is covered in the ridged orange metal while the other is the smooth <a href="">fitness equipment</a> stainless steel/chrome-type finish. It comes with a <a href="">blister packing</a> stylus (which means a resistive touchscreen), supposedly because it's easier to write Chinese characters with. You <a href="">children slide</a> can find the specs of the MT710 here.<br />The XT800 is actually a very <a href="">reflective stickers</a> impressive device. The hardware is round where the Droid is square. It's very light in the hand and the back has a snakeskin-esque backing. It's a <a href="">wall stickers</a> Dual-Sim device, packs HDMI, and runs Android 2.0.1. The pictures don't fully capture how well-built this device is. We would absolutely love if the XT800 made its way to the States.We have no idea if we'll ever see these devices in the US but we're hopeful. Regardless, we're just glad that Motorola is making devices for Android now.</p>

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