Delayed delivery, refused to return 'godge bag'...direct overseas information

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From the start of this weekend to Black Friday in the U.S., global discounts are just around the corner. Many people will be waiting to buy their products overseas, but you'll have to carefully check the price to see if they can be returned or refunded. The damage has continued, including five months since the order was ordered, but they still haven't been able to get a refund even though they didn't get any mold.

I'm a journalist.


A portable gas burner is placed on the hole where the electric lane is placed.

It is because the electric langer that I ordered in June with a foreign fastball has been cut for five months now.

[Foreign Victims: They paid us 486,000 won in cash. I keep making that excuse: 'I have a bad diary, I don't hear from Germany.' It's like talking to a wall.]

Domestic consumers' fastball overseas is increasing rapidly every year.

Direct overseas sales are also on the rise, such as without goods and no refunds.

Many of them are unable to get a refund on purchases made through purchasing agencies.

Despite the moldy white handbags of 500,000 won, the purchasing agency said it would give a reserve of 15,000 won instead of a refund or exchange.

[Grumpy Pin Handbags] Overseas directives: Disgusting. One-time service?

The Korea Consumer Agency said that consumers should be careful because the purchasing agent is not obliged to exchange or repair the service in principle

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