Lost Growth Power in European unrecoverable Gunsan

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We all feel that the economy is very difficult even if we don't come up with a troublesome index.

They say the economy is low on vitality and the hope is not well seen.

The local economy is more acute.토토사이트

So YTN picked up three local cities and looked closely at them.

He once boasted of a booming economy, but now he has fallen into a humble situation.

But I have to get up and diagnose the situation and find a solution.

Today, let's first look at Gumi, Korea's leading industrial complex, and Gunsan Mountain, where a big company has left.

Reporters Lee Yoon-jae and Baek Jong-kyu report one by one.

It is the fifth national industrial complex in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province.

The first phase of the project will be completed early next year.

The construction of industrial complexes is in the final stages.

However, because there is no company to enter the land, the sales rate remains around 20 percent.

The situation in the industrial complex already in operation is also bad.

About 1,800 companies in the Gumi Industrial Complex are operating their factories at 68 percent.

In particular, businesses with fewer than 50 employees, small businesses, operating at less than 40 percent, saw their operating rates drop more rapidly.

[Kwon Gi-yong / Director General of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Area of the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation]: The effects of the relocation of companies overseas or to other regions have been shown to have had some effect. Small and medium-sized companies in cooperative relationships have experienced significant declines in operating rates....]

Self-employed businesses such as nearby restaurants are also going to die because the manufacturing situation is getting worse.

The worsening economic indicators have been directly attributable to the tightness of living conditions.

[○ ○ ○] Restaurant operation: difficult. It's not hard. The restaurant should have a lot of dinners, but it's less than half. I'm as good as a bird. I'm almost wiped out.]

Industrial structures centered on large enterprises are cited as the most important factors.

The decline in the production base of large companies caused small and medium-sized companies to collapse and even self-employed businesses to suffer.

[Na Jung-gyu / Head of Future Strategy at Daegu Kyungbuk Research Institute]: I think the biggest reason is the decrease in production of large companies. With so many small and medium-sized companies associated with large enterprises, they have become very active recently.]

Since its opening in 1973, it has been a symbol of Korea's economic development.

As the economy shrinks, it loses its vitality every day as it can't find a viable growth engine.

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