Smog airstrikes again with fine dust...the grey sky over the weekend

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As soon as the rain stopped, a fine dust storm started again.

The smog from China has increased the level of ultrafine dust in the west, which is feared to worsen over the weekend.

This is Jeong Hye-yoon's report.

The air that got clean with the wind and rain did not last long.

Above the Han River, the white skies became like a tent.

The viewing distance was 6km, which was half of the morning.

The smog was introduced into China by west wind.스포츠토토프로

The level of ultrafine dust, which is worse for breathing, has also skyrocketed.

The concentration of ultrafine dust in Seoul, which dropped to 5μg in the morning, rose to 56μg in the afternoon.

The 'bad' criterion is greater than 20 μg.

The fine dust will thicken over the night.

Due to the stagnant atmosphere, there is a high chance that fine dust will accumulate and another smog from China will be introduced.

[Ban Ki Sung / Kayweather Forecasting Centre]: The fleet is stable. It's raining, so it'll be wet and foggy. And it adds to the fine dust that comes from China, so over the weekend, it's going to be either bad or very bad.]

As a result, special information on ultrafine dust will be issued again on weekends.

Especially next week, fine and mild weather may last long.

Experts emphasize that people with old and respiratory diseases should avoid outdoor activities and wear a yellow mask if they have to go out.

YTN Jung Hye Yoon.

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