Smith won 2 wins and 4 losses

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This season the chiefs got a 6-2 victory at the Arrow Stadium and had a record 26 points in six of eight games. In addition to this year, no other player could score more than 20 points. Chiefs offensive fifth in the league, of Madden Coins which more than 20 yards offensive have 69 files, quarterback Alex - Smith has developed long-pass skills this season, often completed large-size push forward, light 40 yards Long transmission array there are 12, 15 games Smith got 4026 yards and 26 touchdowns, playing the best career record.

In addition, Smith won 2 wins and 4 losses in the Chiefs playoffs six games, the record looks bad, but he played in the playoffs is not bad, get 12 touchdowns only 2 times were intercepted. Chief defensive group looks nothing to say, the defensive second-line air leakage, averaging lost pass code number 247 yards Union last 6, but do not be deceived by the illusion that the last few rounds, Peach Blossom Island Reeves re-emergence Rivers and lakes and bad boy Marcus - Peters, a young and old, a combination of right-left corner or get a good result, not to mention Mario Hata pass this season's hand feel bad, second-tier defensive chiefs The pressure will not be too great.

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