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Of course, Manchester City has decided to FIFA Coins  introduce a high-level center-back and Marguerite is not the only choice Guardiola has in this position. "The Sun" reporter Alan - Nixon revealed that in addition to Maguire, West Bromwich Albion Evans, Real Sociedad Inigo - Martinez Lyon and star player Muqtal - Diyabi, also also closely scout in Manchester City.

"The Sun" analysis pointed out that the reason why the Manchester City side of the above-mentioned several defenders, because Guardiola for the winter transfer signings target there is a screening criteria, that is, the new aid must be in February Smoke rekindle the Champions League knockout debut on behalf of the team debut. In the Champions League final one-eighth, Manchester City will be against the Swiss team Basel, Guardiola, of course, do not want to see the defender missed the Champions League knockout results.

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