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Some people who don't like sports think that playing basketball and playing football is actually sweating, exercising and exercising. In fact, this is not the case. The benefits of playing basketball are very many. In addition to exercising and enhancing physical fitness, we can also exercise our psychology. Especially in the professional sports flooring venues such as suspended assembling floors, we can play our sports more and make our spiritual realm more. On the upper floor, it has its unique charm. It's a great advantage to play on the basketball court where you are floating on the interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring. It will add to your health sports: 1. Effective prevention of cardiovascular disease The excellent performance of the suspended assembled floor, the ball player's movement is much higher than other venues. During basketball, due to the intense activity of the muscles, the heart work increases, the blood supply and metabolism of the myocardium are strengthened, the myocardial fibers are thickened, the heart wall is thickened, the heart is enlarged, and the shape is full and the beat is powerful. All of this is also a cure for cardiovascular disease. 2, control weight and change body shape Excessive obesity affects people's normal physiological functions, especially causing aggravation of the heart and shortening their lifespan. If a person's subcutaneous fat exceeds 15%-25% of the normal standard, the risk of death increases to 30%. Because playing basketball can reduce body fat, enhance our muscle strength, and maintain joint flexibility, it can control weight and improve our appearance and body shape. 3, enhance heart function Regular basketball exercise can enhance the heart function, increase the stroke volume, increase the thickness of the medial wall of the arterial wall, increase the smooth muscle cells and elastic fibers, increase the number of capillaries in the skeletal muscle, and enrich the branches; The coronary artery is thickened and increased in weight; the number of capillaries in the myocardium is increased, which is beneficial to the blood supply and function of the organs including the heart itself. At the same time, basketball can also lower blood pressure and lower serum cholesterol levels, which has a good effect on preventing hypertension and coronary heart disease. 4, improve the function of the digestive system Basketball will enhance the consumption of nutrients in the body, increase the metabolism of the whole body, thereby increasing appetite; in addition, it will promote gastrointestinal motility and secretion of digestive juice, improve the function of the liver and pancreas, and thus improve the function of the entire digestive system. Provide a good material guarantee for human health and longevity. 5, often playing basketball can be a healthy body This is mainly due to the movements under special conditions and special circumstances. The body must make all the body organs perform the most functions, for example, nerve regulation, breathing, and acceleration of blood circulation, so after a long time, our The body mass will also slowly increase. The suspended assembled basketball court is not only beautiful, but more importantly, it is environmentally friendly.

Sports flooring

By xzbbvfvbh, 2019-04-28

Due to the unique advantages of sports flooring and huge development prospects, many Chinese companies have also begun to get involved in the sports flooring industry. After the introduction of equipment and technology, they have absorbed the research and development of innovation. In general, the production technology of plastic coils is still not perfect enough. The interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring sold in the market, especially some building materials cities in various places, have gathered many small manufacturers. They are mainly engaged in the low-end market. In order to cater to consumers, the price is very low, and the quality is naturally not guaranteed. As a result, the phenomenon of poor quality sports flooring is flooding the market, and the people naturally have misunderstandings on the sports floor. In order to protect the interests of consumers, it is recommended that you still choose products of well-known brands. There is a sentence in China that is called “cheap and not good, good goods are not cheap”, it still makes sense. Sports flooring is currently used mainly in engineering projects in China. Many manufacturers only pay attention to large engineering projects and pay insufficient attention to home improvement. This is also the need for sports flooring industry professionals to improve. If manufacturers encounter resistance for various reasons, they will not promote their efforts, and naturally they will not promote the popularity of sports flooring in China. The concept of majority is still relatively conservative, and many products are popular in the international community for a long time before they are accepted and recognized by the majority. The development of any new thing will have a process of acceptance and recognition. In addition, most people are pursuing naturalness and pursuing high-grade. They mistakenly believe that only wood flooring is green and environmentally friendly. It is mistaken that only marble flooring is high-grade, and the decoration concept of most people is still to be changed. I believe that after most people can correctly understand the advantages of interlock grid unity sport flooring wholesaler, they will be more recognized for sports flooring. The trend of sports flooring as an alternative to wood and marble flooring is unstoppable. During the renovation process, many decoration companies also talked about a problem, saying that the construction process of the sports floor is not understood, and the professional construction personnel are lacking. It should be said that this is also a reason for the popularity. In fact, the construction of the sports floor is not as difficult as people think, and the technicians can quickly master the construction technology through simple training. Here to remind everyone, when choosing a sports floor manufacturer, do not only pay attention to the quality of the floor, the quality of the construction is just as important, because if the construction method guarantees the quality, it will affect the service life of the floor. It is recommended that you choose brand-name products, first-class quality, and after-sales service. What is the strategy for the soft industry in the flooring industry? For the flooring industry, once a consumer has a purchase demand, the rate of ordering is very high. Therefore, when consumers have a purchase intention, how to make them see a lot of information related to the floor brand on the Internet is very important. With the rise of new media such as WeChat and Weibo, the soft communication of the flooring industry is even more important, but it is not an easy task to do soft communication. To do a good job of soft communication, we must grasp the following principles: Soft communication must be combined with the core ideas of the brand. Soft communication is an important tool to show the brand's soft power, mainly through some brand stories, decoration diaries, after-sales service, sales process and other story records for brand communication. Its mode of transmission is more human than it is hard. As a flooring brand, it must have its core positioning. In general, soft communication should be strongly related to the core positioning of the brand. Through continuous and uninterrupted communication, the core ideas of the brand are repeatedly described, thus leaving a certain brand memory for consumers, and the first time when consumers generate consumer demand. Think of this brand. SC-ZSfloor believes that the soft communication of the interlock intelligent creation of sports flooring industry needs to focus on readability. The most fundamental difference between soft communication and hard and wide is that soft communication has a hard and wide affinity. Compared with hard and wide forced communication, soft communication is mostly based on stories, making consumers willing to read. The most important thing here is the narrative of soft content. If the soft text is based on the real feelings of consumers and the brand factors are embedded in it, this kind of information tends to impress consumers.

First, PVC plastic floor construction conditions 1. Generally speaking, before the PVC plastic floor is officially laid, it should be completed after the completion of the roof, wall, door and window cement floor, construction equipment, paint engineering and paste engineering. In other words, the construction of 3x3 multi-use basketball court flooring should be placed at the end of the entire construction project. If the PVC plastic floor is laid under the condition that other projects are not completed, the PVC plastic floor will be damaged and its service life will be affected. 2. Ground requirements for the site. Generally, the ground for laying PVC plastic floor needs to be made of self-leveling cement floor or epoxy self-leveling floor. Other floors are not suitable for direct laying of PVC plastic flooring. Before the PVC plastic floor is laid, it is necessary to ensure the flatness of the site. Under normal circumstances, the overall ground of the site is required to have no size and wave shape, and there is no obvious unevenness. The fine part of the site should be guaranteed to have no pits, no bulges, no cement falling, no sanding, no voids, the flatness of the ground should not exceed 2mm, and the foot of the wall is at a straight angle of 90°. In addition, to keep the site dry, try to avoid the ground moisture, and not to have accumulated water, and it is necessary to clean all the on-site construction waste before laying. 4. Humidity conditions of PVC plastic floor construction on site. During the construction of PVC plastic floor, the humidity of the construction operation shall not be lower than 10 °C, the indoor relative humidity shall not exceed 80%, and the moisture content shall not exceed 8%, otherwise the laying effect of PVC plastic floor will be affected. Second, PVC plastic floor installation method 1. Mobile installation: the bottom between the floor and the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track is bonded with a special connection belt, and the floor and the ground are not bonded to facilitate future movement. 2. Fixed installation: partial bonding, on the ground with the edge line of the floor as a reference to brush the inner glue 15cm. 3. Welding heat welding method: Before the floor welding, the groove is grooved on the ground surface by hand or machine. The groove must be cleaned. The temperature during hot welding is not lower than 500 °C. The welding can be done by automatic equipment or manual operation. Before the formal welding, use a small length of wire to test the appropriate temperature and speed during welding. After the weld is cooled, the excess weld line is taken out in two steps. First, use the crescent shovel to shovel half of the protruding part of the weld line. After the line is fully cooled, shovel the remaining part. Third, PVC plastic floor maintenance methods 1. Thoroughly clean all the stains on the floor. If there is glue or stain, use a neutral detergent and cloth to gently rub it off. 2. Sprinkle the floor cleaner (please use the instructions) on the floor, use a waxing machine to grind off the dirty things on the floor, dry the dirty water with a dry mop, and wipe the floor with clean water. (If there is no waxing machine, other tools can be used instead of carefully grinding the dirt). 3. After cleaning, pour the water-based wax onto a clean dry mop and apply the wax evenly on the floor. 4. After waxing, it takes about 20 minutes to let the surface of the floor dry. After drying, it can be stepped on the electric fan to help dry it to shorten the time. It takes about 8 hours to complete the general experience after waxing. If there is a heavy object to move, the wax must be completely dried before moving, so that the floor can be kept bright. 5. The above four steps are general cleaning methods. If the commercial synthesis indoor tennis court is used for a period of time, after the waxing is turned yellow and the surface of the floor is yellowed and re-waxed, it should be treated with a wax removal agent. The method is as follows: It is not necessary to add water, evenly spilled on the place where the wax is to be removed, about 10-15 minutes. After the wax removes into the floor, the floor is splashed with water. The SC-ZSfloor sports floor manufacturer needs to completely remove the wax, otherwise it will not be waxed again. It will be bright. 6. After removing the wax, please clean it according to steps 1-4. 7. Conical contact surface may damage the floor, so the furniture ankle should be padded to protect the surface of PVC plastic floor and extend the service life.

The price factor of the suspended assembled floor involves many aspects. As a sports floor board, the suspended floor can not be separated from the basic price of the commodity. “Value determines the price, and the price fluctuates according to the value.” In fact, the relationship between value, price, and supply and demand affects each other. . We are not here to talk about the big and deep and difficult to understand, but to analyze the price components of the assembled floor from the perspective of the most important and understandable commodity. There are many factors in determining the final price of a detachable intelligent creation of sports flooring, such as manufacturing raw material cost, R&D design cost, mold cost, production facility cost, labor cost, freight transportation cost, construction and installation cost, and even tax cost, promotion of competition cost, supply and demand situation cost, etc. And many other factors. In China, the classic saying that the price is worth the price is based on the value of the product itself. SC-ZSfloor analyzes the price of the suspended assembly floor from the value of the product today, so that we can easily distinguish Why are suspended floors on the market from low to dozens, as high as one hundred, or even two or three hundred dollars or more (one square price), what is the reason that ultimately determines the price of suspended assembly floor ? How do customers who are ready to purchase suspended floor paving their own sports venues choose a suspended floor with the right quality and good quality? The following SC-ZSfloor sports ground materials are compared and analyzed from three relatively intuitive angles! 1. Analysis of manufacturing raw material cost: The raw material of the detachable multi-use basketball court mat is made of PP polypropylene raw material. The production requirements are original particles that meet the food grade standard, instead of using recycled materials containing a large amount of impurities. The good polypropylene raw materials are bright in color, free from impurities and odor. This is the green level of achieving the suspended assembled floor; The color of the second-hand material is yellow and dark, and if the unscrupulous manufacturer uses the second-hand material to reduce the cost, the inferior suspension assembly floor is taken out. This behavior goes to the old road of inferior plastic track. The color of the assembled floor is not dim, but the cost is much lower, so the price is cheaper, but the life of the product is much shorter. The SC-ZSfloor suspended assembled floor is all produced with a new PP raw material, such a high quality suspension. The color of the floor is odorless, but the cost is high. For the customer, the cost of the first hand is high, but the quality of the product comes up, the service life of the floor is long, and the calculation is more economical in the long run. The cost of raw materials and the cost of color, such as the color pink mother, etc., the good color pink mother color retention time is longer. Toughener, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet and other additives. Cheap places are not added or added less. 2. Design and development cost analysis: We know that the cost of R&D and design of a product is quite high. The price of Apple's mobile phone is too high, but we can't ignore the number of Apple companies and the strong R&D team. This cost is invisible in the cost of the product. The development and design of the same suspended assembly floor also requires a lot of capital investment. Often, we have to design a product of many styles, which has condensed the efforts of many designers. The product can not be successfully completed. The continuous improvement of the style and craftsmanship is precisely the good results achieved by many companies' R&D investment. The design cost of the detachable outdoor sport court tiles manufacturers may bring higher cost than the assembled floor that the small cottages imitate. 3. Mold cost analysis: The mold of the suspended floor is made by Seiko. The data required for the production of the product is very precise, and there is no slight difference. Moreover, SC-ZSfloor flooring manufacturers who focus on the suspension of assembled floor production often invest a lot of money to make a lot of molds and make different ones. The style is suitable for customers to choose. Compared with the molds that are polished by larger factories, the molds of small factories are cheaper, but the fineness of production is difficult to guarantee. In order to ensure the fresh upgrade of products and the control of cost, it is often the same as domestic ones. The well-known mold manufacturers work closely together and share resources. The purpose of this is to compress the relevant technology and mold costs, so that each customer can use the cost-effective suspension to assemble the floor price.

Today, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers have paved suspended flooring in many public places, which directly reflects the advantages of the product. The sc-zsfloor suspension floor manufacturer said that the flow of people in public places is large. In order to ensure the use effect and service life of the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring, we must do a good job of nursing. Under normal circumstances, when all kinds of dirt appear on the suspended floor, it should be removed in time; do not immerse the floor in clear water, although some grounds use waterproof glue to cut off water sources (such as floor drains, water rooms, etc.), but for a long time. Soaked by water, it will seriously affect the service life of the floor. In the cleaning process, the sewage is drained by a water absorbing machine in time. For places with more people and more wear, the maintenance period of the suspended floor should be shortened, and the number of waxing of the high-strength wax should be increased. Never use hard, rough cleaning utensils (such as steel balls, scouring pads, etc.) to prevent sharp objects from hitting the floor. Floor manufacturers recommend placing a foot pad at the entrance of a public place with high traffic flow to prevent the stained floor from being stained with dirt and sand. Do not wear sneakers with high nails or high heels on prefabricated futsal court. Because the raw material of this floor is PP, if it is damaged for a long time, it will affect its service life. Seriously, the floor will be directly reimbursed for invalidation. In addition, the choice of such suspended floor should be purchased by large manufacturers or big brands. The quality of the products and after-sales are also relatively guaranteed. The waxing technique of the floating assembly floor that new users must master Careful maintenance of the suspended assembly floor not only guarantees the use effect, but also prolongs its service life and reduces maintenance costs. Today, the sc-zsfloor suspension assembly floor manufacturer tells everyone about the waxing method of the product. I hope everyone can understand it. In order to ensure that the suspended assembled floor is not subject to wear during transportation and installation, a layer of wax is applied before leaving the factory. After 24 hours of floor installation, you need to wax again. Before waxing, the indoor items should be emptied. Except for the furniture that cannot be moved, the neutral cleaning agent is used to water the wet floor, and the floating layer on the suspended assembled floor is removed. The area is relatively large and the pollution is serious. The machine and the matching grinding disc are clean. After cleaning the suspended assembled floor, use water 1-2 times to absorb the water or dry it naturally. Note that the vacuum cleaner can be used without water, and the speed is very fast. After the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court is dry, it can be waxed. The function of the bottom wax is to close the gap and pores of the floor. After drying, the surface is not very bright, and the surface wax is brighter. For the first time, use a base wax to apply two times of wax. The interval is 2 hours or wait for a layer of wax to dry out. After the suspension of the assembled floor, the wax layer will be polluted for a period of time. When the pollution is serious, the wax removal process is required at this time.  

Caring for children, not only should pay attention to diet and education, but also pay attention to whether the children's living environment is healthy. I believe many parents are afraid of the "poisonous runway" incident. Nowadays, assembled flooring has been widely used in kindergartens in many parts of China. Do you know why? The sc-zsfloor assembly floor manufacturer tells you. Floor products are indispensable materials for daily life, environmentally friendly low-carbon, zero-formaldehyde pollution, and the pursuit of such products for healthy consumption is even more popular. We can understand that the so-called "environmental flooring" refers to the manufacturer's protection of the environment. Adhere to the state of sustainable development, spontaneously produce pollution-free flooring for human health and the survival of future generations, and form recyclable resources. The commercial synthesis indoor tennis court uses food grade high impact modified polypropylene. It is more environmentally friendly and recyclable. Suitable for all kinds of extreme environments, high and low temperature, stable performance, very suitable for kindergartens and other places. Nowadays, kindergartens are paying more and more attention to outdoor design, because good outdoor design can make kindergarten activities more colorful and attract more parents and children. Most of the children like to play outdoors, but the traditional kindergarten floor is hard concrete floor or tile, which can not protect the children's outdoor activities. Therefore, the suspended assembled floor began to be put into use a lot, and its environmental protection effect is better, making it one of the preferred materials for kindergarten outdoor ground laying. The customizable interlocking running track is also more and more popular because of its many colors, styles and convenient care. Compared to traditional flooring materials, suspended flooring wins more than a little. Kindergarten floor pavement should pay attention to the children's activity room should be rigorously laying carpet, because the carpet is easy to absorb dust, coupled with children's resistance is not strong, especially in the spring and autumn, many children have dust allergic reactions, which is very unfavorable for children's health; It is also not suitable to lay foam puzzles in the activity room. These things contain formaldehyde and benzene, which are harmful to children's health. For the choice of indoor floor materials, kindergarten plastic flooring can be chosen. Plastic flooring is a new type of floor decoration material that is popular in Europe and the United States and even Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea. It is widely used in schools, kindergartens, early childhood centers and families. Some parents will pay attention to their children's exercise in order to have a healthy body, but considering the age and development, parents should understand some precautions so as not to cause harm to the child's body, so it will not be worth the loss. Next, the sc-zsfloor suspension floor manufacturer tells you about the preschool children's movements. First, develop an exercise plan for the baby, can not violate the child's growth and development rules, sc-zsfloor suspended floor manufacturers recommend consulting a doctor. Second, warm-up exercise is very important, sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturers, this is also a good way to avoid children injured during exercise. Before exercise, encourage your child to do stretching exercises before and after exercise to increase flexibility and prevent muscle strain. Third, purchase protective equipment, such as the use of helmets when riding a bicycle, wearing knee pads and elbow pads when riding a single row of rollers. Fourth, if the parents find that the child has symptoms such as pain, dizziness, dizziness or extreme fatigue, the exercise should be terminated in time. Fifth, purchase customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring, let the children exercise in an environmentally friendly and safe environment.

Why can a suspended floor occupy other kindergartens instead of other floors? How does it win the trust of teachers and parents? Today, sc-zsfloor suspension floor manufacturers give you a detailed introduction, I hope to help you. The detachable futsal sport floor tiles of the school's primary and kindergarten pavements is mainly made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It can be recycled after the use period, and fully protects the whole process. Suspended floor does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, does not contain asbestos, does not contain harmful fillers such as lead and mercury, and has no radiation. It belongs to green environmental protection decoration materials, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, will not be on the human body. cause some damages. It provides excellent motion cushioning and reduces motion damage. When taking off, the sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturer can absorb a large amount of impact and fully protect the body functions such as ankle joint and knee joint. Suspended flooring in school primary and kindergarten pavements absorbs shocks and relieves knee fatigue and provides a comfortable foot feel. It has a common ground material that can't compare sound absorption, and its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels. Installation and construction is very fast, no cement mortar, no need to move wood, ground conditions are good with special environmentally friendly floor glue, can be used after 24 hours. And it can be freely matched, saving time and effort. Compared with ordinary floor materials, kindergarten-floating suspended floors are more squeaky in the case of water, that is, the more water is smashed, the safety concerns of the elderly and children will be lifted. No mildew will occur due to high humidity. Moisture-proof, no deformation when exposed to water. The detachable indoor sport surface also blocks the static electricity that the human body carries, keeping you away from the danger of static electricity. With a special surface treatment process, it has excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning. The simple cleaning can ensure that the surface of the suspended floor is always as clean as new. First, the price is cheap. Each model of the assembled floor, the color of the pattern, the special material, and the different processing procedures will create a price difference. Because of the lack of high-grade wood, the cost of wood flooring is quite high. The materials used in the assembled floor can be synthesized in large quantities, and the price is reasonable under the high-quality gym sports floor. Second, antibacterial. Assembled flooring requires high quality, cleanliness and fitness to bring a good environment. It has a special antibacterial agent, which can achieve the effect of sterilization and anti-mite. Third, the construction and installation is fast. Laying the assembled floor is very quick and convenient, and can be basically completed in one day. For a gym that needs to enter the operational state for a short time, time is money, and it is more suitable for assembling the detachable outdoor sport court tiles. Fourth, easy to maintain. Mop water, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers tell you that if you are particularly difficult to clean, use a cleaning agent to clean and keep clean.

The requirements of the kindergarten environment for laying the elastic double tier sport flooring outside are mainly reflected in: bright colors, various surface textures, soft, elastic, gentle, no chilly feeling, non-slip, wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, sound-absorbing, noise-reducing, easy to clean and maintenance. Shenzhen sc-zsfloor kindergarten suspension floor focuses on outdoor sports ground floor paving materials. The assembled plastic floor adopts a suspension structure design and a snap-and-pull structure with a snap-lock connection, which can effectively support and cushion. The floor is block-shaped and can be directly paved on the foundation surface of cement or asphalt, special lock Connection, no need to bond, can also be dismantled at will, can ensure the convenience of construction and anti-shrinkage is also an ideal choice for the old school renovation of the school kindergarten. The non-slip surface prevents movement damage. There are many reasons for choosing sc-zsfloor suspended floor products: 1. Easy installation and versatility Long service life; 2. No need to use adhesives, environmental protection; quick disassembly and assembly, easy to move, the site usage time is up to 10-15 years. 3. Excellent performance Excellent performance; 4. Safety, high performance performance of the ground material, to meet the various indicators of professional sports flooring, fully let the children play a sports advantage. 5. A variety of colors, no special weather requirements; 6. Provide you with a variety of colors to choose from, no temperature and humidity control, no fear of pests, all-weather sports are not affected by the climate, so that sports are full of fun. What are the advantages of suspended floor in school and kindergarten? Nowadays, more and more kindergarten outdoor places are beginning to lay suspended floors. Everyone knows that outdoor sports are good for health, and the outdoor suspended suspension floor can reduce sports injuries. Below the Shenzhen sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers to tell you about the advantages of products outdoors. We all know that the suspended floor has a unique mechanism that is superior to the load bearing and pressure resistance of other floors. Each suspended-assembled floor forms an elastic matrix that mitigates the impact, providing excellent protection for the knees, ankles, back and cervical spine of the personnel on which it is transported, preventing damage due to improper impact. The elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court can still be used normally after the rain, and the water is discharged very well to prevent the ankle sprain caused by the ground slip, and the maintenance athlete can use the activity place normally and safely. A gap of 1mm can be ensured between each floor, which not only can regulate the subtle changes of thermal expansion and contraction, but also ensure the strong horizontal impact of athletes' strenuous exercise under the premise of traction, and prevent the lower limbs of athletes. Injured. The structural design of the lateral cushioning support foot provides more sporting performance and safety protection, and is superior to traditional floor materials. As a result, more and more kindergartens use assembled plastic flooring. What are the characteristics of the assembled floor to meet the child's healthy growth conditions? Considering the growth factors of children, many kindergartens have taken into consideration the functions of environmental protection, health, anti-slip, anti-bacteria, noise reduction and easy cleaning when choosing the floor materials. The assembled floor is a very advanced and innovative kindergarten playground floor covering. material. Excellent shock absorption and anti-slip surface to prevent sports injuries. The installation is very simple and detachable, and the retrofit is the ideal choice. The plastic floor adopts mature high-strength polypropylene environmental protection material, which effectively solves the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor and has stable surface friction. At the same time, add UV protection additives to the floor to prevent the elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court from fading after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Multi-purpose can be used for paving playgrounds, playgrounds, corridors, courts, schools, kindergartens, multi-purpose halls and toilets, balconies and other places.